Life On and Off Campus for International Students


Attend the scheduled mandatory orientation sessions for new International students.

Know your city

Whether you have travelled by road, rail or air, you will leave Gaborone fondly remembering her as Gabs City, or simply GC! With a little something for everyone, your stay in GC will have you feeling like you have diamonds at the soles of your feet. So, go ahead and whip out your diary, and prepare to be entertained by compelling art shows, fascinating cuisine, thrilling nightlife, and engaging beauty of the people and surroundings of the capital.

At the heart of this cosmopolitan city is a bustling business district, a true hub for professionals and a melting pot for the trendy. Experience breath-taking views of the city and magnificent sunsets from sky-high lounges and restaurants.  The CBD is also home to luxury hotels, massage parlours, high-class salons, exclusive shopping centres, 3D cinemas, vibrant eateries and clubs.

Entertainment, Arts and Culture

The city of Gaborone proudly celebrates the nations’ historic roots, inviting you to the stories of our founding fathers at the Three Chiefs Monument, and our natural history at the National Museum and Art Gallery.

Envelop yourself in arts and culture exchanges at (to name a few);

Looking for live performances? GC has you covered with captivating shows and events at;

If outdoor adventure tickles your fancy, head on to

  • Gaborone Game Reserve
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Yatch Club
  • Kgale Hill
  • Mokolodi Nature Reserve
  • Lion Park
  • Livingston Memorial
  • Mogonye Gorge

Travelling around the city

Gaborone offers a variety of safe transport options to get around the city.

  • Minibus Taxis
    The cheapest and most common public transport option is the minibus which will get you close enough to where you need to go. Minibus taxis have designated routes clearly marked by route numbers on the vehicle. You can get the following route to and from UB: Tlokweng route 4, Tlokweng Route 6, Broadhurst Route 5, Broadhurst Route 2, Block 8 Route 3.
  • Shared Taxis
    Shared hail down taxis cost slightly more than minibus taxis but will take you direct to your destination. These are shared with other passengers and the driver has the discretion to agree to take you to your destination. You may inquire from the driver for dedicated service that will attract a special rate.
  • Call Cabs
    These are the most convenient and operate 24 hours a day. They however cost significantly more. They offer a dedicated service to any destination in the city and you usually phone them to request a service. A few companies now offer online/mobile apps to request a cab.

Safety and security

Gaborone is a safe city with well policed streets and low crime. It is however advisable to avoid walking alone.

Safety and security on campus and in residence halls

On-campus security services are available 24 hrs for your convenience and safety. The offices are centrally located within campus. UB Protection Services offers safety escort services to students as they manoeuvre around campus if they feel unsafe.  Emergency phone number: Campus Protection Services @ +267 355 2396

Health and wellness

The University has a health clinic on campus headed by a medical doctor and is accessible to students. After hours a resident nurse is contacted to attend to emergencies. The clinic has an ambulance and it chaperones students to the UB clinic and even to referral hospitals during emergencies. The nearest government hospital is half a kilometre away from UB campus and a private hospital about 2km away. There are other medical facilities around the UB campus.

Only students enrolled in UB are covered and have access to the university medical facilities, but this excludes major medical problems such as operations or overnight stays at the hospital. You may want to make other arrangements in case of major emergencies. Do find out more details from your preferred medical insurer.


Experience winter like no other with cold spats in the morning (sometimes close to zero degrees Celsius) and warm and pleasant afternoons (but there is no snowJ. Summer temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius so be sure to have sunscreen, hats, sunshades and a bottle of water when going out in summer.

Experience the culture

Add a little adventure to your stay and go on a cultural getaway to a traditional village just outside the city. You will enjoy traditional cuisine, singing, dancing, folk tales and conclude your day with a sleepover in a traditional mud hut. Wake up to the magnificent African sunrise and make your way to the Mokolodi Nature Reserve for a game drive and bush lunch braai. Experience this adventure from as little as P1, 400.

Accommodation and dining

On-Campus accommodation

For more information visit the Student Welfare department or contact;

Graduate Housing

Mr Motsietsi L.Basima
Telephone: (+267) 355 5206
Student Centre Building (Block 139 / Office130)

Undergraduate Housing

Mr Keoagile Lebotha
Telephone: (+267) 355 4620
Student Centre Building (Block 139 / Office130)

1st Year Undergraduate Housing

Ms. Masego R. Oabile
Telephone: (+267) 355 2897
Student Centre Building (Block 139 / Office134)

Meal system

Students have a choice of taking meals at any of the two cafeterias on campus or a variety of food outlets on and off campus.

NB: A meal plan stipend will be provided for the UB exchange students as stipulated in the partnership agreement.

Other essentials

Electricals / Electronics

Botswana uses 240 volts of electricity as opposed to 110 volts used in some countries. For wall sockets we use 3-pin round and square sockets (include standards and pics).

Money matters

There are several ATM machines within the University campus where students can withdraw cash. The ATM machines are visa and maestro compliant. Forex transactions may be done at nearby malls.

Getting your mail

Use the following address:

for example:

Ms Naledi Disana
C/O Office of International Education and Partnerships
Block 139/126
P. Bag 0022

Shopping for essentials

The nearest shopping centre, called Riverwalk, is less than 2kms away from the university where you will find food, utensils, clothing, toiletry, electronics and much more. There are also a number of restaurants and a multiplex cinema.

In pursuit of academic excellence