AML/CFT Compliance For Designated Non-Financial Businesses And Professions (DNFBPs) Short Course

The University of Botswana will be offering a short AML/CFT training course for DNFBPS. The course will cover the following topics: 

  • Understanding the key revisions and additions to the Financial Intelligence Act, 2022 and the new obligations of DNFBPs 
  • An overview of AML/CFT Legal Framework 
  • Compliance Administration and Reporting for DNFPBs 
  • Identification and Assessment of Risk  
  • Implementing targeted financial sanctions.  

Target Audience 

  • Supervisory Authorities for DNFBPs 
  • Auditors and Accountants 
  • Lawyers and other Legal Professionals and Practitioners
  • Company and Trust Service Providers 
  • Real estate Professionals 
  • Dealers in Precious and Semi-Precious Stones and metals 
  • Large and Medium Size Corporations 
  • Any other interested Parties 

About the Key Facilitator 

Dr. Abraham Sethibe Ph.D., ACMA, CGMA, ACPA (BICA), a former Director-General of the Financial Intelligence Agency, is an AML/CFT specialist with expertise and skill in financial analysis, fraud, and financial investigation. Dr Sethibe coordinated the development and implementation of AML/CFT system in Botswana, at the early stages, including the first AM/CFT National Risk Assessment. He is also a trainer and has experience in AML/CFT risk assessments. 

Dates, Fees and Venue

Course Dates: 06 – 08 September 2022 

Course Fee: P7 000.00 per participant 

Venue: Avani Hotel 

Registration Deadline: 26 August 2022 

NB: There are limited spaces 

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Contact Persons

  1. Ms. O. Segale    
    Tel: 355 2243      
    Cell : 77 878 701   
  2. Mr. N. Nkwe       
    Tel: 355 2243                                    


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