2021/2022 Admission

University of Botswana (UB) wishes to inform all those who applied for undergraduate admission that:

  1. Enquiry on admission is open.
  2. All admitted applicants have been sent offer letters by email.
  3. Applicants should access the admission list here or Department of Academic Services Facebook page to check their names in the admission list. Those whose names appear in the list but have not yet received their admission offers should check their emails before contacting Undergraduate Admissions Office at Main Campus by calling the following telephone numbers: 3552912/2003/4625/2183/2047 or sending an email admissions@ub.ac.bw.
  4. University of Botswana has admission vacancies in some programmes of study of which unsuccessful applicants may apply for ONE of them provided they meet the programme requirements including the Competitive Admission Cut-Off Points shown on the published admission list. The list of these programmes is available online through the STUDY link.
  5. Application Form for an additional programme of study is available online through the STUDY link. Completed application form should be sent by email to admissions@ub.ac.bw. Admission of applicants will be made based on eligibility, academic merit and availability of space in their programme of choice.
  6. All applicants who have queries regarding their application status should contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office.
  7. New applications are still being received until 31st July 2021. All applications are to be completed online through the STUDY link.
  8. Please note that the published admission list is not exhaustive.
  9. University of Botswana has made every effort to ensure that the published list of successful applicants is correct. Nevertheless, the University shall not be held responsible for names included mistakenly in the admission list.
  10. Undergraduate Admissions Office may be contacted on the following numbers: 3552912/2003/2183/4625/2047.
  11. Due to COVID-19 pandemic we encourage prospective applicants/students to make their enquiries by calling Undergraduate Admissions Office or sending an email to admissions@ub.ac.bw.

Admission List

Surname Other Names Program Plan
Aaron Bofelo Kago Bachelor of Sport Science Physical Education & Coaching
Aaron Laone Bachelor Of Primary Education General
Aaron Shalom Elizabeth Bachelor of Business Admin. Entrepreneurship + Enterprise
Aaron Teto Bongani Cain Bachelor of Science Environmental Health
Abdullah Mohammed Tawfeeq Bachelor of Science Computing with Finance

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