Staff Profiles

Dr. Gomotsang Moleta
Senior Lecturer
Block 237 Office 229
+267 355 2502

Professional Qualifications

Ph.D. (Australian National University, Australia, 2010); M.Sc (University of Botswana, 2001); B.Sc (University of Botswana, 1998).

Area of Specialisation

Organic synthesis and Phytochemistry

Recent Publications

  1. Green, N. J.; Lawrence, A. L.; Bojase, G.; Willis, A. C. Paddon-Row, M. N.; and Sherburn, M. S. 2013, Domino Cycloaddition Organocascades of Dendralenes, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 52, 1-5.
  2. Wang,R.; Bojase,G.; Willis, A. C.; Paddon-Row, M. N.; Sherburn, M. S. 2012, Nitroso-Dienophile Additions to Dendralenes: A Short Synthesis of Branched Aminosugars, Organic Letters, 14, 5652-5655.
  3. Bojase, G.; Nguyen, T. V.; Payne, A. D.; Willis, A. C.; Sherburn, M. S. 2010Synthesis and properties of the ivyanes: the parent 1,1-oligocyclopropanes. The Royal Society of Chemistry: Chemical Science, 2, 229-232. 
  4. Payne, A. D.; Bojase, G.; Paddon-Row, M. N.; Sherburn, M. S. 2009, Practical synthesis of the dendralene family reveals alternation in behaviorAngewandte Chemie International Edition, 48, 4836 – 4839. This paper was selected by editors as a “VERY IMPORTANT PAPER” and it was featured in Nature vol 460, 2009,under the heading Forgotten Hydrocarbons by Henning Hopf. 
  5. Bojase, G.; Payne, A. D.; Willis, A. C.; Sherburn, M. S. 2008One-step synthesis and exploratory chemistry of [5]dendraleneAngewandte Chemie International Edition47, 910 – 912. This paper was selected by the editors as a “HOT PAPER”.

Research Work in progress 

  1. Phytochemical investigation of local medicinal plants such as Bolusanthus speciosusGarcinia LivingstoneiBaikiaea plurijuga
  2. Investigation of the nutritional content of indigenous plants and their utilization for environmental management.
  3. Phytochemical investigation of ipomea bolusiana, a wild tuber commonly eaten by wild animals.