Staff Profiles

Prof. Jamil Ahmad
Block 237 Office 213
+267 355 2493

 Ph.D. (University of Hawaii)

Area of Specialization: Physical Chemistry; Interfacial Chemistry

Selected Publications:

  • J. Ahmad and K.B. Astin, "Influencing Reactivity by Monolayer Compression : An Alcohol Dehydration", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1988, 110, 8175.
  • J. Ahmad and K.B. Astin, "Switching Reaction Mechanism by Monolayer Compression :An Ester Hydrolysis", Angew. Chem., 1990102, 337; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl1990, 29, 306.
  • J. Ahmad, and K.B. Astin, "Reactions of a Monolayer with Subphase : Dehydration of a Secondary Alcohol over Sulfuric Acid", Langmuir., 19906, 1098.
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  • J. Ahmad, "Reactions in Monolayers: Oxidation of 1-Octadecanethiol Catalyzed by Octadecylamine", Langmuir 199612, 963.
  • J. Ahmad “Turbulent Motion in Ethyl Acetate-water System” J. Chem. Educ2000, 77, 1182.
  • J. Ahmad, F. Bothata-Nareetsile and C.A.L. Becker “Cyclic Voltammetric Studies of tris(alkylisocyanide)bis(trialkylphosphine)cobalt(II) and tris(alkylisocyanide)bis(trialkylphosphine)cobalt(I) complexes exhibiting synthetic interconvertability” Canadian J. Chem. 2003, 81, 982-987.
  • J. Ahmad and Elizabeth M. Yeboah “Verification of Nernst Equation: A Physical Chemistry Experiment” Chemistry 2004, 13, 289-295.
  • N. Nijegorodov, V. Zvolinski, P.V.C. Luhanga, R. Mabbs, J. Ahmad: “Photochromism, Anomalous multi-banded Fluorescence and Laser properties of some amino- and tosyl-amino derivatives of oxadiazole”; Spectrochimica Acta A2006, 65, 196-205.
  • C.A.L. Becker , K. Mosetlha and J. Ahmad , “Synthesis of tetrakis(benzylisocyanide)bis(tri-i-propylphosphite)-cobalt(III) tetrafluoroborate: comparison with trialkylphosphine-alkylisocyanide complexes of cobalt(III)”, Transition Metal Chemistry, 2007, 32, 799-802.
  • C.A.L. Becker, O. Ramotadima , V.B. Makono , K.C. Baipoledi and J. Ahmad , “Synthesis and Selected Reactions of Pentakis(t-ctylisocyanide)cobalt(II) Complexes”, Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 2008,  61, 3375-3389
  • J. Ahmad, G. Kumar, I.P. Meulenberg, G.S. Singh (2012) General Chemistry Textbook for Year 1 Courses; Published by Chemistry Department, University of Botswana.
  • Siji Sudheesh, J. Ahmad and G.S. Singh. "Hysteresis of Isotherms of Mixed Monolayers of N-Octadecyl-N-phenylthiourea and Stearic Acid at Air/Water Interface," ISRN Physical Chemistry, vol. 2012, ID 835397.
  • J. Ahmad. Reversibility and Definition of Work. Chemistry 2013, 22, 203-208.             


Investigation of interaction, hysteresis and reactions of mixed Langmuir monolayers over air/aqueous interface