Staff Profiles

Dr. Zibisani Biza Bagai
Block 236, Office 228
+267 355 2534

BSc (University of Botswana), MSc (Durham University, UK), PhD (University of Cape Town / RSA)

My areas of interest are:

Geochemistry and petrogenesis of kimberlites

Mineralogy and chemical composition of clay deposits in Botswana

Impact of mining and smelting activities on human health and environment in Botswana

Archean crustal evolution and cratonization processes

Geochemistry, petrography and geotectonic settings of different granitoids in Botswana

Selected Publications:

Tadesse, S. Bagai, Z. , Motsisi, T., Keotshotse, T., Kenalemang, T., Mabechu, B. (2011) Genesis of banded iron formation-related gold mineralization in the Mupane gold mine, Tati Greenstone Belt, Botswana. International Journal of Scientific Research, 1:73-85.

Zhai, M., Kampunzu, A.B., Armstrong, R.A., Bagai, Z. (2006) Sr and Nd isotope systematics of Francistown plutonic rocks, Botswana: implications for Neoarchean crustal evolution of the Zimbabwe Craton. International Journal of Earth Sciences 95:355-369.

McCourt, S., Kampunzu, A.B., Armstrong, R.A., Bagai, Z., (2004) The crustal architecture of Archean terranes in north-eastern Botswana. South African Journal of Geology 107:147-158.

Kampunzu, A.B., Tombale, A.R., Zhai, M., Bagai, Z., Majaule, T., Modisi, M.P. (2003) Major and trace element geochemistry of plutonic rocks from Francistown, NE Botswana: evidence for a Neoarchean. Lithos 71:431-460.

Bagai, Z., Armstrong, R.A., Kampunzu, A.B.,(2002) U-Pb single zircon geochronology of granitoids in the Vumba granite-greenstone terrain (NE Botswana): implications for the Archean Zimbabwe Craton. Precambrian Research 118:149-168.


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Previous courses at UB:

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Research Projects:

IGCP-SIDA 599 project (UNESCO/IUGS/SIDA) “Insights of the Early Earth”