Staff Profiles

Kenabatho Kebuang Piet
Prof. Piet Kebuang Kenabatho
Associate Professor
Environmental Science
Block 236 Office 203

PK Kenabatho: BSc (UB), MSc (London), DIC (Imperial), PhD (London).


Prof Kenabatho is a hydrologist with expertise and research interest in catchment and stochastic hydrology, groundwater modelling, water resources development and assessment. He also has research interest in  reservoir sizing/operation for water resources planning. His recent work includes incorporating climate change and uncertainty issues in hydrological and rainfall modeling as well as reservoir/dam performance, as well as assessment of transboundary groundwater resources.

Selected Publications:

1. Kenabatho, P.K., Parida, B.P., Moalafhi, D.B. (2017). Evaluation of satellite and simulated rainfall products for hydrological applications in the Notwane cachment, Botswana. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (2017), 100: 19-30.

2. Byakatonda J., Parida B.P., Kenabatho P.K. and Moalafhi D.B (2018). Influence of climate variability and length of rainy season on crop yields in semiarid Botswana. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 248 (2018) 130–144. 

3. Byakatonda, J., Parida, B.P., Kenabatho, P.K., Moalafhi, D.B. (2018). Prediction of onset and cessation of austral summer rainfall and dry spell frequency analysis in semi-arid Botswana. Theoretical and Applied Climatology.    

4. Byakatonda J., Parida B.P., Kenabatho P.K. and Moalafhi D.B (2016). Modeling dryness severity using Artificial Neural Network at the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Global NEST Journal, 18(3): 463-481. 

5. Kenabatho, P.K., Parida, B.P., Moalafhi, D.B. (2015). Analysis of rainfall and large-scale predictors using a stochastic model and Artificial Neural Network for hydrological applications in southern Africa. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 60 (11): 1943-1955. DOI: 10.1080/02626667.2015.1040021. 

6. Kenabatho PK , P.  Phofuetsile, T. Setloboko, N. Lekgetho, G. Lentswe, O. Itumeleng, B. Mosetlhi, Kalahari Conservation Society, M. Amakali, A. Ileka, J. Kirchner, L. Joel, G. Mulokoshi, V. Kinyaga, D. Muroua, R. Munyayi, Nature Foundation Research, K. Majola, R. Sekwele, M. Lebeloane, J. Leshomo, H. Coetzee, B. Hanise, F. Netili, Council for Geosciences, Jac van der Gun, S. Burchi, W. Struckmeier, A. Ross, T. Carvalho-Resende, A. Aureli, G-J. Nijsten, K. Conti, E. Chaillan (2016) Stampriet Transboundary Aquifer System Assessment: Governance of Groundwater Resources in Transboundary Aquifers (GGRETA) - Phase 1: Technical Paper. Kenabatho, Kenabatho PK Ed(s). 2016/SC/HYD/GGRETA-3. UNESCO, Paris, France. 

7. F. Kaspar, J. Helmschrot, A. Mhanda, M. Butale, W. de Clercq, J. K. Kanyanga, F. O. S. Neto, S. Kruger, M. Castro Matsheka, G. Muche, T. Hillmann, K. Josenhans, R. Posada, J. Riede, M. Seely, C. Ribeiro, P. Kenabatho, R. Vogt, and N. Jürgens  (2015). The SASSCAL contribution to climate observation, climate data management and data rescue in Southern Africa. Advances in Science and Research, 12, 171–177. 

8. Kenabatho, P.K., McIntyre, N.R., Chandler, R.E., Wheater, H.S. (2012). Stochastic simulation of rainfall in the semi arid Limpopo basin. International Journal of Climatology. 32, (7), 1113–1127. 

9. Kenabatho, P.K., Parida, B.P., Moalafhi, D.B. (2012). The value of larger scale climate variables in climate change assessment: the case of Botswana’s rainfall. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. 50–52, 2012, 64-71. 

10. Parida, B.P., Moalafhi, D.B., and Kenabatho, P.K. (2009). Modeling inflow volumes into Gaborone reservoir, Botswana using a Feed Forward Neural Network (FFNN). Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Botswana, 1(1), p. 5-11. 

11. Kenabatho, P.K., Montshiwa, M. (2006). Integrated Water Resources Management as a Tool for Drought Planning and Management in Botswana: A Diagnostic Approach. International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning. Vol. 1(1), pp. 61-75.  

12. Parida B.P., Moalafhi D.B., and Kenabatho, P.K. (2006). Forecasting runoff coefficient using ANN for water resources management: The case of Notwane catchment in eastern Botswana. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 31, pp 928-934. 

13. Kenabatho, P.K., McIntyre, N.R., Wheater, H.S. (2009). Impacts of rainfall uncertainty on water resources planning models in the upper Limpopo basin, Botswana. New Approaches to hydrological predictions in data sparse regions. IAHS Publ. 333, 2009, 320-329, Eds. K.K. Yilmaz, I Yucel, H.V. Gupta, T Wagener, D. Yang, H. Savenije, C. Neale, H. Kunstmann and J. Pomeroy, ISBN 978-1-907161-04-9.


1. SASSCAL Project (research, capacity development and services) Task No. 337 on Towards Improved spatial data for hydrological modelling and implications for Water Resources Management: The Case of Notwane Catchment in Botswana . The Project is valued at Euro 188311 over 4 years leading to establishment of five (5) Automated Weather Stations. Principal Investigator.

2. 2013–2017: Germany Government sponsored SASSCAL research project on “The Impacts of Climate Change on Livelihoods and Implications for Adaptive Strategies in the Kalahari Ecosystem of Western Botswana” (Task 341).  I deal with Hydrology and water Resources component in the Project. Dr. B. Mosetlhi is the Project Coordinator.

3. Office of Research and Development (ORD) Round 25 –project titled ‘Towards improved spatial data for hydrological modelling and implications for water resources management – The case of Notwane Catchment in Botswana’. Principal Investigator

4. AU-EU funded research project entitled: Using IWRM best practices to develop Appropriate Capacity and Training to benefit Sub-Saharan Africa Water Security [ACT4SSAWS]. The Botswana component focused on the: “Assessment of the effects of small dams in the upstream of Gaborone dam, and groundwater contamination in the Ramotswa wellfields in Botswana”. Principal Investigator.

5. An African Development Bank Funded Project, in partnership with CSIR (South Africa) on Phycoremediation as an Adaptation measure for Climate Change Vulnerability at Rural Wastewater Treatment plants in the Southern African Development Countries. 2017-2018. Principal Investigator for Botswana.   

6.  NEPAD SANWATCE Project Grant on Assessing the effects of urbanisation on water quality in the Segoditshane River Catchment, Botswana for student Kgabisang Puni Gaboutloeloe's MSc Project. 2016-2018. Principal Supervisor.   

7. An EU/JRC Funded Project on NEPAD Southern African Network of Water Centres of Excellence (SANWATCE)-UNESCO IHP: Human Development Programme for SADC. 2017-2018. Principal Investigator for Botswana.   

8. An EU/JRC Funded Project on Monitoring and Evaluation of Water Energy Food and Ecosystem (WEFE) Nexus System for Africa. The Zambezi River Basin Case Study. 2017-2019. Principal Investigator for Botswana.