Peter Smith archives

For a wide range of source and reference material relating to Okavango and Ngamiliand, we have the Peter Smith Archives within the disciplines of ecology, hydrology, geography and botany. Access this exceptional collection in Maun at the Okavango Research Institute.

The Noma Award 

In 1979, Mr Shoichi Noma set up an endowment to encourage and support publication of works by African writers and scholars within the continent.

Tshekedi Khama papers

This collection is made up of tribal administration and kgotla papers; colonial administrative papers; correspondence; notebooks; photographs and other artefacts.

Sheila Bagnall letters

The collection includes letters to Audrey Liebertegger, Rose and Chris Hardy, Diana Andrew and Mona Thomas.

Jan Snyman papers 

The collection is mostly his San languages research material. He contributed significantly in collection of the data that helped classify and understand the grammar of San languages and was the first to suggest practical orthographies for !xû, Jun/'hoasi, !Xóõ and Naro. Snyman also wrote several grammars in the form of monographs and notes on these languages.

Hans-Joachim Heinz papers

1900 – 2001. This collection comprises manuscripts, research note books and diaries, films and audio recordings, maps and illustrations.

Prof. Thomas Tlou collection 

This is a multi-disciplinary collection covering the areas of history; education; environmental management & sustainable development; religion & theology.

Historical reference collection 

This is a collection that comprises university documents and non-official institutional records;  speeches and addresses, student handbooks, etc.

UB photographs and images

these is a collection of  students; staff and everyday working scenes; events: visits, conferences, workshops; buildings, architecture, art and sculpture; images of objects; historical reference photographs and images; images of archival documents and multimedia.

Manuscript collections

  1. Bessie Head - A Bewitched crossroad
  2. Stanley Collins - Hydrology in the Okavango

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