Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) plays an important role in facilitating the process of taking innovative research from the idea stage to the successful launching of new or improved products in the marketplace. The Office of Research and Development (ORD) supports and encourages the delivery of original and innovative research that can lead to commercialization of research outputs, creating impact through innovation and knowledge exchange.

ORD provides support to researchers by

(1) assisting in identification of potential IP from their research,

(2) evaluating and protecting the IP and

(3) commercializing valuable IP to the benefit of the researcher, the University and the society.

ORD uses a staged process for determining commercialization potential and development strategies, the initial stage being assessment of IP potential at the research proposal stage. Identifying potential IP at an early stage can facilitate safe-guarding confidential information and preventing possible loss of IP rights that may result from premature public disclosure of ‘enabling’ information about future inventions.

Please submit your research proposal and a completed Intellectual Property form to ORD.

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