Bachelor of Psychology (B.Psych.)

1.0 Entrance Requirement

Subject to provisions of General Academic Regulations 20.2, a credit in Mathematics shall be required for applicants intending to enrol for a B.Psych. degree.

2.0 General Provisions

2.1 The B.Psych. degree shall consist of an eight semester programme.

2.2 A student who intends to pursue a B.Psych. degree shall take a minimum of 87 credits in psychology courses (consisting of 54 credits in core and 15credits in optional psychology courses and 18 creditsin the internship), 6 credits from core Mathematics and Statistics courses, and 20 credits from General Education Courses. Required credits from another subject taken during Level 100 and Level 200 shall be determined by this other subject.

2.2.1 The core and optional psychology courses shall consist of 6 credits at Level 100, 12 credits at Level 200, 24 credits at Level 300 and 33 credits at Level 400.

2.2.2B.Psych. Students at any level of their university studies may be allowed to enroll in a psychology course at another level with the permission of the Head of Department.

2.2.3 A student who intends to pursue a B.Psych. degree shall enroll in a Bachelor’s programme of any faculty at Level 100 and Level 200 and study psychology together with another major subject.

2.2.4 Students shall normally be selected for the B.Psych. programme after completing Level 200 to start the programme at Level 300 (fifth semester).

2.2.5 Students who are not selected for the B.Psych. programme may continue with psychology as a Combined Major.

2.2.6 The B.Psych. programme shall consist of core and optional psychology courses that include lectures, seminars, laboratory work and supervised practical work and a research project based on empirical data.

2.2.7 The B.Psych. programme shall include a supervised internship undertaken over six months with a minimum of 960 hours practical experience.

3.0 Programme Structure

Level 100

Semester 1

Core Courses

STA101*) Mathematics for Social Sciences I (3)
STA116*) Introduction to Statistics (4)
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (3)

*) or equivalent course

Semester 2

Core Courses

PSY102 Biological Basis of Human Behaviour (3)

Level 200

Semester 3

Core Courses

PSY201 Theories of Personality (3)
PSY202 Social Psychology (3)
PSY209 Research in Psychology: Methods and Designs (3)

Optional Courses

(Students choose at least one)

PSY203 Developmental Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence (3)
PSY204 History and Philosophy of Psychology (3)

Semester 4

Core Courses

PSY208 Statistics for Psychology I (3)

Optional Courses

(Students choose at least one)

PSY206 Developmental Psychology of Adulthood and Old Age (3)
PSY207 Psychology of Work and Labour Relations (3)

Level 300

Semester 5

Core Courses

PSY301 Abnormal Psychology I (3)
PSY302 Psychological Testing and Psychometrics (3)

Optional Courses

(Students choose at least one)

PSY305 Organisational and Personnel Psychology (3)
PSY303 Cognition and Learning (3)

Semester 6

Core Courses

PSY306 Counselling I (3)
PSY307 Psychological Assessment (3)
PSY312 Research Proposal in Psychology (3)

Optional Courses

(Students choose at least one)

PSY309 Human Factors in the Work Environment (3)
PSY310 Consumer Psychology (3)
PSY304 Health Psychology (3)

Level 400

Semester 7

Core Courses

PSY401 Research Project (3) (Pre-requisite PSY312 & restricted to B Psych students only)
PSY402 Abnormal Psychology II (3) (Pre-requisite PSY301 & restricted to B Psych students only)
PSY403 Counselling II (3) (Pre-requisite PSY306 & restricted to B Psych students only)
PSY404*) Psychotherapy (3) (Restricted to B Psych students only)

Optional courses

(Students choose at least two courses)

PSY405**) Training and Human Resource Development (3)
PSY406 Psychological Challenges of HIV/AIDS (3)
PSY407 Special Topics in Psychology (3)
PSY409 Sensation and Perception (3)

*) This course is recommended to students who wish to pursue a career in the field of clinical psychology.
**) This course is recommended to students who wish to pursue a career in the field of industrial psychology.

Semester 8

Core Course

PSY408 Internship* (18 credits) (Restricted to B Psych students only)

The internship shall start with the first week of Semester VIII and continue for at least eight weeks into the Winter vacation.

4.0 Assessment

4.1 Assessment of psychology courses shall be based on any one or combinations of the following: tests, assignments, written examinations, oral examinations, practical examinations as approved by the Department.
4.2 Assessment of the performance on the internship shall consist of an evaluation of the intern according to criteria set by the Department.
4.2.1 A student who fails the internship shall be permitted to repeat the internship only once.
4.2.2 A student who, for a good reason, fails to complete the internship may be awarded an “I” (incomplete) grade and may, with the consent of the Head of Department and the Dean of the Faculty, be allowed an additional period, not exceeding ten weeks, to complete the work.
4.3 A student who fails the B.Psych. requirements may be permitted to continue his/her psychology studies as a combined major.

5.0 Special Departmental Regulation

Subject to provisions of the General Examination Regulations, admission to an examination of a course that contains essential practical components (e.g.PSY305, PSY306, PSY403, PSY404 and PSY405) shall be subject to given if students have achieved a class attendance of at least 80% and a continuous assessment mark of at least 50%. Students who fail to achieve the required minimum class attendance or continuous assessment mark in courses with an essential practical component may be permitted to repeat the course only once. 

6.0 Progression from Level to Level

6.1 A student who intends to pursue a B.Psych. degree must achieve an average of at least 60% (Grade Point 3.0) in all core psychology courses at Level 100. 

6.2 A student who intends to pursue a B.Psych. degree must achieve an average of at least 60% (Grade Point 3.0) in all core psychology courses at Level 200.

6.3 A student who intends to pursue a B.Psych. degree may be permitted to register for the programme only at Level 300 but not before.

6.3.1 The intake into the B.Psych. programme at Level 300 shall be based on academic merit and restricted to a specified number of students per annum. The number of students selected into the B.Psych. programme shall be determined by the Department from time to time.

6.3.2 The criteria for selection into the B.Psych. programme shall take into consideration academic performance, performance in a selection interview and the number of spaces available for practical training.

6.3.3 A student who does not meet the requirements for the B.Psych. programme may be permitted to continue his/her studies with psychology as a combined major.

7.0 Award of the Degree

In order to be awarded the B.Psych. degree, a student must meet the requirements of the Academic General Regulations, Faculty and Departmental Special Regulations and obtain a minimum of Grade Point of 3.0 (60%) in the internship.

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