PhD Degree in Public Administration

1.0 Entrance Requirements:

1.1 The following General Regulations 50.2 shall apply:

50.2.1 Applicants who have obtained appropriate Master’s degree with course work and research are eligible to apply


(a) Subject to paragraph “d” applicants shall normally be admitted into an MPhil programme.

(b) After successful completion of a maximum of two semesters of full-time academic work (or the equivalent) the programme, the Department shall recommend the student either for transfer to the PhD programme or for continuation as an MPhil candidate.

(c) When transfer to the PhD programme occurs, the credits accumulated as an MPhil student shall be applied toward the 72 credits required for completion of PhD degree.

(d) Applicants the PhD degree with previous research experience may be admitted directly into a PhD programme, upon recommendation of the Departmental Board and approved by the School of Graduate Studies.

2.0 PhD Programme Structure:

Part I

2.1 In addition to the provisions of the General Regulations, all candidates are expected to complete satisfactorily the following requirements (except those who have successfully completed Part I of MPhil programme and have been selected by the Departmental Board/ Graduate Studies Board to transfer to the Part II of PhD programme).

2.1.1 First Semester:

FSS800 Advanced Social Science Research Methods 3 credits

PAD800 Guided Readings and Seminars in Public Administration 12 credits

(Two Seminars on Selected Topics)

2.1.2 Second Semester:

PAD801 Thesis Proposal 12 credits

Part II

PAD900 Supervised Research and Thesis in Public Administration 48 credits

3.0 MPhil/PhD Course Descriptions:


This course will require in-depth readings by the student under the supervision of a staff member designated by the Department to acquire a firm grounding in the disciplinary theories and issues of Public Administration. In addition, the student will be required to undertake readings specifically related to the proposed theme of research. This course will end with presentation by the student of two seminars to the Department on topics to be advised by the supervisor. The Departmental Board will have to be satisfied with performance of the candidate based on the recommendation of the supervisor.


The thesis proposal will be prepared by the student under the guidance of a supervisor designated by the Department. The proposal will include inter alia background to the study, statement of the research problem, objectives, justification, literature review, hypotheses, central research questions, research methodology, and limitations. It is a requirement that the proposal be presented to the Department for approval before the student is able to proceed to Part II of the MPhil/PhD programme.

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