MPhil/PhD in Public Administration

Departmental Regulations

1.0 General Provisions

1.1 The Department of Political and Administrative Studies offers an MPhil and PhD Degree in Public Administration by supervised research for those meeting the requirements of General Regulations 50.0 as well as Departmental regulations which stipulate course work as outlined below.

1.2 Prerequisite: Candidates selected for admission in to the MPhil/PhD degree programme who have not done and passed Research Methods course (or its equivalent) at Master’s degree level shall be required to take and pass MPA603 Research Methods and Computer Applications course during the first semester of registration.

MPhil Degree:

2.0 Entrance Requirements

2.1 General Regulation 50.1 shall apply with Special Departmental Regulations.

2.2 A candidate for admission in to MPhil programme will be required to have a Master’s Degree in Public administration or in the related discipline.

2.3 Candidates without a Masters qualification, but with a strong undergraduate degree in Public Administration or related discipline, may be admitted, as provided for under General Regulation 50.1. However, these candidates will undergo a Departmental assessment to determine their eligibility to undertake MPhil programme.

3.0 Programme Structure:

Part I

3.1 In addition to the provisions of the General Regulations, all candidates are expected to complete satisfactorily the following requirements:

3.1.1 First Semester:

FSS800 Advanced Social Science Research Methods 3 credits

PAD800 Guided Readings and Seminars in Public Administration 12 credits

(Two Seminars on Selected Topics)

3.1.2 Second Semester:

PAD801 Thesis Proposal12 credits

3.1.3 Part II

PAD802 Supervised Research and Thesis in Public Administration 24 credits

4.0 Duration of MPhil Programme:

Programme Structure MPhil Part I

4.1 Full-time candidates are expected to meet the Part I requirements within two semesters and part-time candidates within three semesters.

Progression to Part II

6.1 At the successful completion of Part I a candidate shall either proceed to Part II of the MPhil Programme or will be allowed to transfer registration for Part II of the PhD programme on the recommendation of the Departmental Board and approval by the Graduate Studies Board.

Programme Structure MPhil Part II

PAD803 Supervised Research and Thesis in Public Administration MPhil 24 credits

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