Bachelor of Science in Physics with Meteorology

Entrance Requirements

Admission to the degree programme shall be as specified in the Faculty of Science Regulations 23.2.1 and 23.4

Award of Degree

To be awarded a degree, a candidate/student must have taken and passed all relevant courses as prescribed in Section 13 and must satisfy the University of Botswana Academic General Regulations 00.8 and 00.9 and Faculty of Science Special Regulation 20.

Programme Structure

Level I00

Semester I

PHY112: Geometrical Optics and Mechanics (4)
CHE101: General Chemistry I (4)
MAT111: Introductory Mathematics I (4)
COM141: Communication and Academic Literacy Skills (Science) (3)
ICT121: Computing Skills Fundamentals 1 (2 )

Semester II

PHY122: Electricity and Magnetism, Introduction to Modern Physics (4)
CHE102: General Chemistry II (4) (Pre-requisite:CHE 101)
MAT122: Introductory Mathematics II (4) (Pre-requisite: MAT 111)
COM142: Academic and Professional Communication (Science) (3)
ICT122: Computing Skills Fundamentals 2 (2)


Core Courses

Semester III

PHY232: Properties of Matter, Basic Thermodynamics and Introduction to Nuclear Physics (3) (Pre- requisite: PHY 112)
PMT231: The Earth’s Atmosphere (3)
MAT271: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (3) (Pre-requisite: MAT 122)
MAT221: Calculus I (3) (Pre-requisite: MAT 122)
CHE211: Introduction to Analytical Chemistry (2) (Pre-requisite: CHE 102)
Optional Course(3)

Semester IV

PHY242: Basic Electronics (3) (Pre-requisite: PHY122)
PMT241 Thermodynamics (3)
MAT222: Calculus II(3) (Pre-requisite: MAT 221)
MAT244: Numerical Methods (3) (Pre-requisite: MAT122)
PMT242: Computer Programming – FORTRAN, MatLab (3)


PMT299: Internship: Synoptic Meteorology (3)

Level 200

Optional Courses

Semester III

PHY231: Mechanics, Vibrations and Waves (3) (Pre-requisite: PHY 112)
MAT242: Computing I (3) (Pre-requisite: ICT 121 and 122)

Level 300

Semester V

Core Courses

PMT351: Atmospheric Radiation (3)
PMT352: Atmospheric and Ocean Dynamics I (3) (Pre-requisite: MAT331 OR MAT222)
PHY353: Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences I (3)
MAT371: Mathematical Statistics 1 (3) (Pre-requisite: MAT271)
Optional Course (3)

Semester VI

Core Courses

PMT361: Introduction to Agrometeorology (3)
PMT362: Numerical Weather Prediction (3) (Pre-requisite: PHY 232 and PMT352)
PMT369: Electronic Instrumentation (3) (Pre-requisite: PHY 242)
Optional Course (6)


PMT399: Internship: Forecasting and Agrometeorology (3)


Optional Courses

Semester V

PHY354: Advanced Electronics I (3) (Pre-requisite: PHY 242)
ENS314: Synoptic and Dynamic Climatology (3)

Semester VI

PHY364: Advanced Electronics II(3) (Pre-requisite: PHY254)
PHY367: Elements of Air Pollution I (3)
PHY365: Physics of the Environment (3) (Pre-requisite: PHY231)


Semester VII

Core Courses

PMT471: Global Circulation Models I (3) (Pre-requisite PMT352)
PMT472: Atmospheric and Ocean Dynamics II (3) (Pre-requisite: PMT352)
PMT473: Boundary Layer Meteorology (3) (Pre-requisite: PMT351)
PMT474: Basic Atmospheric Chemistry (3)
Elective Course(3)

Semester VIII

PMT481: Global Circulation Models II (3) (Pre-requisite: PMT 352)
PMT482: Global Climate Change (3) (Pre-requisite: PMT 231)
PMT483: Cloud Physics (3)(Pre-requisite: PMT 351)
PMT489: Research Project (6)

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