MPhil/PhD in Geology

1.0 Aims

The MPhil/PhD programme in Geosciences and Earth Sciences is designed to produce graduates who are competent and interested in both advanced theoretical and practical Earth Science studies. The programme will enable students to acquire advanced knowledge and skills through instructions and research.

2.0 The Objectives of the MPhil/PhD Programme are:

a. To promote scientific enquiry that develops the geosciences profession by providing graduates with a sound empirical base in advanced earth sciences practices, so that they can understand, critique, interpret, and apply it to the mineral and geosciences industry.

b. To enable Batswana and other students from elsewhere to have the opportunity for advanced training in various disciplines in geosciences/earth sciences such as Economic Geology, Mineral Exploration, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Mineralogy and Petrology, Sedimentology, Structural Geology etc.

c. To equip MPhil and PhD students with the necessary analytical skills in research to tackle complex geoscientific issues and challenges at national and/or regional levels.

d. To provide a forum for the exchange of research output through projects, theses, seminars, conferences and publications.

e. To enhance the understanding of the Earth Sciences (especially the Geology of Botswana) by offering Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree Programmes in various sub-disciplines of geology applied to societal problems through case studies and advanced research.

f. To contribute to the Vision and Mission of the University of Botswana.

g. To produce professionals with post-graduate qualifications in geology needed for the economic development of Botswana.

h. To provide leadership in research and the provision of geoscience education in Botswana

3.0 Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for MPhil/PhD holders in Geology exist in both the public and private sectors, at local, regional and international settings.

Currently employment opportunities exist in a number of companies including the following:

1) Private Mining and mineral exploration companies

2) Oil and gas industry

3) Government Service Departments of Geological Survey, Roads, Water Affairs, Environment and Protection

4) Water exploration companies and ground water consulting companies

5) Debswana Mining Company

6) Water Utilities Corporation

7) Geotechnical and Civil Engineering companies

8) Academic/Research institutes

9) Military-mapping ordinance and hazard monitoring

10) Several independent consulting firms started by graduates from the programme.

4.0 Departmental Regulations for the MPhil/PhD Degree in Geology

4.1 Preamble

MPhil/PhD students will receive training in field techniques, methods of data collection, data analysis, laboratory techniques, computer graphics, research planning, and presentation skills, and in more specialist techniques.

The MPhil/PhD degree programme in Geology shall be in accordance with the General Regulations 50.1 and 50.2 of the Degrees of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) of the University of Botswana as captured in the School of Graduate Studies Academic Calendar for 2014/2015.

4.2 Admission Requirements

4.2.1 MPhil Programme

Admission into the MPhil (Geology) programme

shall be in accordance with Regulation 50.1 of

the General Regulations for the Degrees of

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of

Philosophy (PhD).

4.2.2 PhD Programme

Admission into the PhD (Geology) programme

shall be in accordance with Regulation 50.2 of the

General Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of

Philosophy (PhD).

4.3 Submission of Application for admission

The procedure for submitting applications for

admissions to the PhD (Geology) programme shall

be as stipulated in the General Regulations 50.2

4.4 Registration

The procedure for registration for the PhD

(Geology) programme shall be as stated in General

Regulations 50.3

4.5 Programme Structure

Further to the provisions of the General

Regulations, all candidates are expected to

complete satisfactorily the following requirements:

4.5.1 MPhil Programme

GEO800 Research Methodology or equivalent - 3 credits (Core)

GEO801 MPhil Thesis (Geology-Specialization) -24 credits

4.5.2 PhD Programme

GEO900 PhD Thesis (Geology-Specialization) -72 credits

4.6 Duration of the Programme

The duration of the programme shall be as

prescribed in General Regulation 50.5.2 and 50.5.3.

4.7 Programme of Study

The programme of study shall be as stipulated in

General Regulation 50.6

4.8 Transfer of Registration

Transfer of registration from MPhil to PhD and

from PhD to MPhil shall be in accordance with

General Regulation 50.7.Candidates registered for

the MPhil programme may transfer to the PhD

programme after the completion of the MPhil


4.9 Thesis

The thesis shall be submitted as specified in

General Regulation 50.8

4.10 Examinations

Examinations shall be conducted in accordance

with the provisions of General Regulations 50.9

4.11 Notification of Results and Award of Degree

The notification of results and award of degree

shall be in accordance with the provisions of

General Regulations 50.10 (UB Graduate Calendar


4.12 Specialization available in the Programme of study

MPhil and PhD research degrees would be offered

on Full-time basis and will be available in the

following areas:

(a) Economic Geology/Mineral Exploration

(b) Geochemistry

(c) Geophysics/Applied Geophysics

(d) Hydrogeology

(e) Mineralogy and Petrology

(f) Sedimentology

(g) Structural Geology

(h) Geotechnical Studies/ Engineering Geology

In pursuit of academic excellence