Bachelor of Information Systems (Computer Information Systems)

Programme Structure

Entry Requirements

Subject to the General Academic Regulation 00.5, the following departmental programme entry requirements shall apply for the program BIS (Computer Information Systems).

  1. For entry into 100-level, candidates must have a minimum grade of C in Mathematics and two other science subjects with computer studies recognized as a science subject and with a minimum grade of D in English.
  2. For entry into the program me at higher level, the following shall apply.
    1. Transfer student from a Computer Science or Information Systems or equivalent programme from a higher institution considered equivalent to the University of Botswana, subject to General Academic Regulation 00.313.
    2. Candidates holding a post-Secondary qualification which is considered by the department as being at least equivalent to the 100-level of the program me and so deemed to earn the candidate an exemption from the 100-level of the programmes.
    3. Candidates holding a post-Secondary qualification who do not meet criteria (ii) above may be required to take some 100-level courses.


Semester I Core courses

  • STA101 Mathematics for Social Sciences I
  • ISS101 Information Systems Foundations I
  • CSI161 Introduction to Computing
  • ECO111 Basic Microeconomics
  • COM141 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills (Science)

Semester II Core courses

  • STA102 Mathematics for Social Sciences II
  • ISS102 Information Systems Foundations II
  • ISS112 Introduction to Programming
  • ACC100 Introduction to Accounting
  • COM142 Academic and Professional Communication (Science)

Semester III Core courses

  • ISS211 Intermediate Programming
  • ISS221 Data & Information Management I
  • CSI247 Data Structures
  • FIN200 Business Finance
  • MGT202 Small Business Management

Semester IV Core courses

  • ISS212 Advanced Programming
  • ISS202 IT Tools and Productivity
  • CSI263 Computer Architecture
  • STA114 Business Statistics
  • Elective

Semester V Core courses

  • ISS321 Data & Information Management II 
  • ISS331 Network Management
  • ISS323 Information Systems Analysis
  • CSI354 Operating Systems
  • Elective

Semester VI Core courses

  • ISS324 Information Systems Design and Implementation
  • ISS332 System Administration
  • ISS334 Information Systems Security
  • CSI315 Web Technology and Applications

     Optional Courses (Min 3 credits from)

  • MGT303 Entrepreneurship & New Business Formation
  • CSI392 Human Computer Interaction

Winter Semester

  • ISS302 Industrial Attachment

Semester VII Core courses

  • ISS431 Enterprise Architecture
  • ISS441 IS Project Management
  • ISS443 IS Research
  • CSI418 Decision Support Systems 
  • Elective (3 credits)

Semester VIII Core courses

  • ISS402 IS Project 
  • ISS442 IS and Society
  • ISS446 Strategic IS Management
  • CSI420 Web Computing
  • Elective (3 credits)

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