Master of Arts in Media & Communication (MMC)

The Department of Media Studies offers a graduate programme leading to the award of the Master of Arts (MA) Media & Communication (MMC) in one of the following areas of specialization:

  • Journalism
  • Digital Media Production
  • Public Relations

Entry Requirements

The minimum entrance requirement shall be a Bachelor’s in Media Studies or related discipline from UB or any other recognized university with at least a second class, second division or equivalent (3.0 GPA, on a 5-point scale) degree.

Candidates with a pass grade or equivalent, and who have at least two years of relevant work experience, may be considered for provisional admission.

Applicants who have completed a Post-graduate Diploma in media or related discipline are eligible for admission into MMC.

Subject to the approval of the Departmental Board and the Dean, School of Graduate Studies, students seeking to transfer from another recognized institution may be credited with up to a maximum of one-third of the total number of credits required for the MMC. A transfer student must meet existing Departmental and Faculty requisites for the MMC.

Departmental Regulations

Modes of Assessment

Evaluation of student’s performance on the MMC shall be based on continuous assessment that is both formative and summative, and deemed appropriate, fair, transparent and equitable, using a wide range of assessment modes. These will be designed to allow all students the opportunity to demonstrate their achievement of learning outcomes. During the course of their studies, students will be provided with timely, detailed and quality feedback on their work in ways that promote learning and facilitate improvement and growth.

The final course assessment for MMC701 will be a proposal for a research project/dissertation [minimum 10 000 words] supported by a verbal presentation. MMC710 is constitute either a completed professional project plus maximum 10 000 words exegesis, or a complete dissertation of maximum 40 000 words.

The overall course grade will be computed as per General Regulation 40.532 and the GPA shall be computed in accordance with General Regulation 00.86. An internal and external examiner, both nominated by the Department will examine each project/dissertation.

Award of Degree

To be awarded the Master of Arts in Media and Communication qualification, a

student must successfully complete 60 credits, including all core courses: 30 credits in the first year, and 30 in the second year.

Programme Structure

The programme shall extend four semesters for full time and at least six semesters for part time students.

In each semester, courses shall be drawn from core, optional and approved additional non-media optional courses at the appropriate level taken from Departments in other Faculties, by permission of the Media Studies Graduate Board and by the Department offering the course.

Year 1 / Semester 1

Core courses

MMC 601 Media & Communication Theories
MMC 602 Media Policy, Regulation & Law

Optional Courses

MMC 603 Advanced Reporting
MMC 604 Producing for Non-Broadcast Media
MMC 605 Strategic Public Relations
MMC 613 Advanced Data Journalism
MMC 614 Documentary Production
MMC 615 Advertising & Society

During the first year, students shall take one optional course to be taken as an additional non-media course from outside Media Studies Department with permission of the Media Studies Board and by the Department offering the course.

Year 1/ Semester 2

Core courses

MMC 611 Media & Communication Ethics
MMC 612 Media Research Methods

Optional Courses

MMC 703 Issues in Print Journalism Editing
MMC 704 Advanced Broadcast Programming
MMC 705 Speech, Communication & Rhetoric
MMC 713 Multimedia Reporting
MMC 714 Applied New Media
MMC 715 Communication, Globalisation and Cultural Diversity

During the second year, students shall take another one course to be taken as an additional non-media course from outside Media Studies Department with permission of the Media Studies Board and by the Department offering the course.

Year 2/ Semester 1

Core Courses

MMC 701 Supervised Media Project / Dissertation 1
MMC 711 Media Management

Year 2/ Semester 2

Core Courses

MMC 702 Supervised Media Project / Dissertation 2
MMC 712 Media, Society & the Global World

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