Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS)

The Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) that has been taught since 2002 has now been phased out and replaced with a revised BMS, a BA (Media Studies), a major/major and a minor programme in Media Studies.

1.0 Entrance Requirements

1.0.1 The normal minimum entrance requirement shall be the Botswana BGCSE or the equivalent with credit in English and in three other subjects.
1.0.2 Candidates who fulfil Regulation 1.0.1, have a credit in English and work experience in Media are preferred.
1.0.3 Candidates who do not meet Regulation 1.0.1 but have the BGCSE or equivalent and the CMS from a recognised institution may be admitted directly to Level 100 of the Programme.
1.0.4 Candidates with a Diploma in Media Studies or its equivalent may be admitted directly to level 300 of the programme, but may be required to take lower level courses specified in their admission letter.

1.1 Career opportunities

The Media Studies programmes are vocational and prepare graduates for a variety of career opportunities in media, such as newspapers, Internet, radio, television, video production, multi-media and public relations.

1.2 Programme Structure

1.2.1 The Bachelor in Media Studies is a full-time programme extending over eight semesters. The programme should contain a minimum of 76 and a maximum of 88 BMS credits, including all core courses. Students will be expected to take between one and four BMS courses per semester to reach the minimum and maximum number of credits required to graduate. Part-time study for the Degree is also possible. It is expected that part-time students would finish their coursework in not more than ten semesters.

1.2.2 In Levels 2 (2nd semester) 3 and 4 of the Degree Programme, five specialised streams will be offered:
a) Print media
b) Radio broadcasting
c) Television broadcasting
d) Public Relations
e) Film and Video

Level 1 Semester 1

BMS110 History of World Media, (3) CORE
BMS111 Media in Botswana, (3) CORE
ENG121 Intro to English Language, Description and Usage, (3) CORE
ENG113 Introduction to Literature and Prose: 3) CORE
COM111 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills 1 (Humanities) (3) CORE
ICT121 Computer Skills Fundamentals 1: (2) CORE

Level 1 Semester 2

BMS112 Introduction to Media Technology, (3) CORE
BMS113 Theories of Mass Communication (3) CORE
ENG131 Writing in English (3) CORE
ENG123 Introduction to Literature, Drama and Poetry: (3) CORE
COM112 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills 11 (Humanities) (3) CORE
ICT122 Computer Skills Fundamentals 2 (2) CORE

Level 2 Semester 3

BMS232 Introduction to Techniques of Digital Media 3 credits CORE
BMS221 Introduction to Journalism (3) CORE
BMS222 Introduction to Broadcasting (3) CORE
BMS223 Introduction to PR & Advertising (3) CORE
BMS224 Introduction to Film and Video (3) CORE

Level 2 Semester 4

BMS225 Media Attachment (1) CORE
BMS226 Ethics for Media Professionals (3) CORE
BMS227 Print Journalism Reporting &Writing (3) OPTIONAL
BMS228 Broadcast Interviewing & Presentation Techniques (3) OPTIONAL
BMS229 Basics of Video Production (3) OPTIONAL
BMS230 Writing for PR & Copy-writing (3) OPTIONAL
BMS231 Major Film & Video Genres (3) OPTIONAL

Level 3 Semester 5

BMS320 Media & Society (3) CORE
BMS321 Media Law (3) CORE
BMS322 Audio Technology (3) OPTIONAL
BMS338 UB Horizon 1 (3) OPTIONAL
BMS324 Broadcast News Writing & Production (3) OPTIONAL
BMS325 Basics of TV Production (3) OPTIONAL
BMS326 Research for PR & Advertising (3) OPTIONAL
BMS327 History of Film & Video documentary (3) OPTIONAL

Level 3 Semester 6

BMS328 Communication Research Methods (3) CORE
BMS329 Developmental Communication (3) CORE
BMS330 Media attachment (3) CORE
BMS339 UB Horizon 2 (3) credits OPTIONAL
BMS332 Beat Reporting (3) OPTIONAL
BMS333 Radio Documentary writing & Production (3) OPTIONAL
BMS334 TV & Video Documentary Writing & Production (3) OPTIONAL
BMS335 Motion Graphics (3) OPTIONAL
BMS336 PR & Advertising Campaigns (3) OPTIONAL
BMS337 Cinema Language in World Film (3) OPTIONAL

Level 4 Semester 7

BMS420 Media project or Dossier (1) 2 credits CORE
BMS421 Current Issues in African media (3) CORE
BMS422 Broadcast Programming (3) OPTIONAL
BMS423 Investigative Journalism (3) OPTIONAL
BMS424 Radio Drama Script-writing & Productions (3) OPTIONAL
BMS425 TV & Video Drama (3) OPTIONAL
BMS426 Economic & Social Issues in PR & Advertising (3) OPTIONAL
BMS427 African Cinemas (3) OPTIONAL

Level 4 Semester 8

BMS428 Media Project or Dossier (2) 4 credits CORE
BMS429 Media Management & Entrepreneurship (3) CORE
BMS430 On-Line Media Production (3) OPTIONAL
BMS431 Health & Scientific Reporting (3) OPTIONAL
BMS432 Live Radio Broadcasting (3) OPTIONAL
BMS433 TV Entertainment Shows (3) OPTIONAL
BMS434 Public Communication Campaign (3) OPTIONAL
BMS 435 Current Cinema (3) OPTIONAL