Master in Archives And Records Management (MARM)

Special Regulations

Subject to the provisions of the academic General Regulations and Faculty of Humanities, the following Departmental Regulations shall apply:

Entrance Qualifications

• The normal minimum entrance qualification shall be a Bachelor’s degree in any subject obtained from this or any other recognized university or equivalent institution with at least a minimum of a second-class lower division or equivalent or a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

• Holders of a pass degree at undergraduate level in any subject with two years relevant work experience are eligible for admission into the MARM programme.

Program Structure

The programme shall extend over four semesters leading to the award of a Master’s in Archives and Records Management. The programme shall extend over 6 semesters for part-time MARM students.

The program shall be by coursework and Dissertation, with the normal duration as described in General Regulation 40.321. The curriculum shall consist of credit units, that is, the number of course hours per week. The program shall consist of a minimum of 54 credits. The first year consists mainly of course work, developing research proposal and a practical attachment. In the second year students will carry out their research and write a Dissertation. The coursework consists of core courses (common to Library and Information work coded LIS) and courses specifically devoted to the theory and practice of archives and records management coded REC. Optional courses can be selected from other departments and faculties at the Master’s level. However, such courses can only be chosen with the approval of the Head of the Department of Library and Information Studies.

A practical attachment will be undertaken after the first year, during the long-vacation, for a period of two (2) months leading to the development of a professional report under the auspices of REC 611.

In the second year students will carry out their research and write a Dissertation. The Dissertation shall be completed in accordance to the provisions of General Regulation 41.9.

Part-time MARM students shall complete the MARM in 6 semesters. A student shall be expected to take a minimum of 6 credits per semester.

Semester 1


REC 601 Theory and Practice of Records Management

REC 603 Advanced Course in Conservation and Preservation

REC 606 Computer Applications for Archives and Records Management


REC 603 Advanced course in preservation & conservation

REC 605 Legal aspects of information

LIS 620 Foundation of the Information Profession

LIS 621 Theory & Practice of Cataloguing and Classification

LIS 630 Technical writing, editing and Newsletter Magazine production

LIS 634 Knowledge management for the information Professional

LIS 635 Business information systems

LIS 602 Database systems

LIS 607 Web design and multimedia

LIS 628 Information entrepreneurship skills

Semester 2


REC 602 Theory & Practice of Archives management

REC 604 Electronic Records Management

LIS 627 Research Methods and Proposals


REC 607 Managing Audio-visual Archives

REC 608 Business Records Management

REC 609 Archival Public Services, systems and the Profession

REC 610 Management of specialized Records

LIS 624 General Management in Information Services

LIS 626 Information networks and networking (Pre: LIS 600)

LIS 632 Special topics in information science & archives and records management

LIS 636 Cataloguing Electronic Resources (Pr LIS621)

Winter vacation (core)

REC 611 Practical Placement

Semester 3

REC 700 Dissertation (Pr LIS627)

Semester 4

REC 700 Dissertation (Pr LIS627)

Assessment and Examinations

Evaluation of students’ performance in the program Shall be based on continuous assessment and a project or a formal examination at the end of each semester. The weighting between continuous assessment and formal examination shall be 1: 1. Continuous Assessment in year one shall comprise at least two assignments, practical exercises or tests in each course. Formal examination shall comprise one paper of three hours duration in each course. The overall course grade will be computed as General Regulation 40.532 and the GPA shall be computed in accordance with Academic General Regulation 00.86. The Dissertation will be examined by an internal and an external examiner, both of whom shall be nominated by the department.

Dissertation Supervision

Supervision shall be as prescribed in General Regulation 40.50.

Award of the Master of Archives and Records Management (MARM)

A student to be awarded the Master of Archives and Records Management degree must: be credited with 57 credits including all core courses distributed in the following manner: 12 credits in the first semester, 15 credits in the second semester of the first year and 6 credits of practical attachment carried out in the long vacation, and 24 credits in the second year. Regulation 41.6.2 shall apply.

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