Bachelor of Science - Environmental Health (BSc-EH)

Entrance requirements

Prospective students must:

a) If entering the program through the direct entry route, satisfy the University of Botswana General Academic Regulation 20.21 and the Faculty of Science Special Regulation 23.2 of the Faculty of Science. If already registered under the Faculty of Science under the General BSc Program, must have obtained at least a grade C in BIO 111 & 112; CHE 101&102; MAT 111&122;PHY111,119,121&129 at first year level.
b) If possessing a Diploma, satisfy General Academic Regulation 20.24.
c) Applicants with a Diploma in Environmental Health shall be admitted into level 200 or 300 of the degree programme on the basis of accumulated credits in the area of environmental health.
d) If possessing other entry qualifications deemed relevant by the Department, satisfy General Academic Regulation 20.22 or General Academic Regulation 20.23.

Programme Structure

Semester 1

Core Courses

CHE101 General Chemistry I (4)
BIO111 Principles of Biology (4)
PHY112 Geometrical Optics, Mechanics, Vibrations and Waves (4)
MAT111 Introductory Mathematics I (4)
COM101 Communications and Academic Literacy Skills (Health Sciences and Pre-Med) (3)
ICT121 Computer Skills Fundamentals (2)

Semester 2

Core Courses

BIO112 Diversity of Plants and Animals (4)
CHE102 General Chemistry II (4) [Prerequisite CHE 101]
PHY122 Electricity and Magnetism (4)
MAT122 Introductory Mathematics II (4) [Prerequisite MAT 111]
COM102 Health Communication (Health Sciences and Pre-Med) (3)
ICT122 Computer Skills Fundamentals 2 Information skills 11 (2) [Prerequisite ICT 121]

Semester 3

Core Courses

ENH211 Introductions to Environmental Health(4)
URP200 Introductions to Town Planning (2)
ENH222 Epidemiology (3)
BIO211 Cell Biology (3)
BIO301 Quantitative Biology (3)

Optional Courses

ENH100 Introduction to Public Health (3)

Semester 4

Core Courses

ARB124 Environment and Comfort (2)
FHS200 Health Informatics (3)
BIO216 General Microbiology (3) [Pre-requisite BIO111 & BIO 112]
ENH221 Principles and Practice of Health Education (4)
ENH223 Control of Communicable Diseases (3)
BIO232 Human Physiologies (3)

Semester 5

Core Courses

URP303 Housing Studies (3)
ENH313 Basic Toxicology (3) [Prerequisite BIO 211]
CCB315 Environmental Engineering (3)
ENH322 Food Hygiene and Safety (4) [Prerequisite BIO 216]
ENH330 Liquid & Solid Waste Management (4) [Pre-requisite PHY 122]

Semester 6

Core Courses

ENH321 Environmental Health Sampling and Analysis (4) [Pre-requisites ENH 211 & ENH 313]
ENH323 Occupational Health, Safety & Hygiene (4) [Pre-requisites ENH 211 & ENH 313]
ENH333 Food Technology and Meat Hygiene (4) [Pre-requisite ENH 322]
LAW338 Law and the Environment (3)
PHY367 Elements of Air Pollution I (3)

Winter Semester

ENH331 Internship (4)

Semester 7

Core Courses

ENH411 Environmental Health Risk Assessment (3) [Pre-requisites ENH 313; ENH 323; ENH 321; PHY 367]
ENH412 Environmental Health Seminars (3)
ENH414 Operational Management for Health Practice (3)
ENS362 Environment & Disease (3)
ENS403 Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management (3)
ENS450 African Environments (3)

Semester 8

Core Courses

ENS318 Water Resources, Development & Management (3)
ENH413 Inspection, Compliance and Practice (3) Pre-requisites ENH322, ENH323, ENH411, URP303]
ENH422 Research Project in Environmental Health (3) [Prerequisite ENH 412]
ENH423 Case Studies (3)


1. Continuous Assessment shall be according to General Academic Regulations 00.81 and shall be based on tests and/or assignments and/or practical.
2. Final Examinations shall be conducted according to General Academic Regulations 00.82.

Progression from Semester to Semester

To proceed from one semester to the next, a student must pass at least 50% of the attempted semester credits and have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above as specified in General Academic Regulation 00.9.

Award of Degree

To be awarded a degree, a student must satisfy the relevant General Academic Regulations 00.85. The Degree shall be classified in accordance with the provisions of General Academic Regulations 20.4, with the cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above calculated in accordance with General Academic Regulation 00.86.

In pursuit of academic excellence