Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering


The Master’s Programme in Civil Engineering (MSc) curriculum reflects national demands in design and construction and management, and conforms to global trends in graduate education. It consists of core and optional courses which are streamed into five areas of Civil Engineering specialization: Water Resources & Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Geotechnical Engineering and Transportation Engineering.


Full-time students can complete the Programme in four semesters while part-time students can complete in six semesters. The first year of full-time study (semesters 1 and 2) in the Masters Programme in Civil Engineering is based on coursework while the second year of study (semesters 3 and 4) on the supervised research of individuals leading to the presentation of their dissertation. Courses are normally offered at times to suit part time students.


The entrance requirements are a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Engineering and Management with at least second class, second division, or equivalent, from a recognized university or institution of higher learning, with an average of at least grade C or equivalent in the relevant areas. An alternative is a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Engineering and Management from this or any other university with two years of relevant work experience, or a 4-5 year Bachelor’s degrees in Material Science, Physics or Mathematics with at least second class, second division, or the equivalent, from this or any other recognized university.


Courses are evaluated from assignments and tests (40%) and exams (60%). A minimum of 55% is required to pass. Courses normally carry 3 credits.

5.0 Courses Offered

Semester 1 (all core courses)

Common courses;

MAT 691 Mathematical methods for engineers

CEM 602 Introduction to project management

CEM 603 Research methodologies

Specialization 1: Geotechnics

CEM 611 Advanced soil mechanics

CEM 631 Construction finance & economics

Specialization 2: Transportation

CEM 611 Advanced soil mechanics

Specialization 3: Water & Environment

CEM 641 Water quality management, modeling

Specialization 4: Structural

CEM 651 Advanced structural analysis

Semester 2

Specialization 1: Geotechnics

Core courses

CEM612 Site Investigation and Soil Testing

CEM613 Analysis & Design of Shallow & Deep Foundations

Optional courses

CEM 614 Slope stability and dams

CEM 615 Clay mineralogy and expansive soils

CEM 616 Earth pressure & retaining structures

CEM 621 Pavement design

CEM 622 Highway engineering materials

CEM 655 Finite element analysis

Specialization 2: Construction management

Core courses;

MGT 744 Human resources management

CEM 633 Construction planning & cost control

Optional courses

CEM 634 Total quality management

CEM 636 Info. management in construction

CEM 637 Strategic management construction

LAW 615 Alternative dispute resolution

Specialization 3: Transportation

Core courses

CEM 621 Pavement design

CEM 622 Highway engineering materials

Optional courses

CEM 623 Construction technology & equipment

CEM 624 Highway rehabilitation & maintenance

CEM 625 Transportation planning

CEM 626 Transportation systems & safety

Specialization 3: Water & Environment

Core courses

CEM 642, Environmental engineering systems

CEM 643, Integrated catchment modelling

Optional courses

CEM 644 Water and wastewater treatment

CEM 645 Water services management

CEM 646 Solid, hazardous waste management

CEM 647 Water supply and conveyance

CEM 648 Water resources engineering

GEO 607 Integrated water management

ENV 623 Hydrology and water resources

Specialization 4: Structural

Core courses

CEM 652 Reinforced concrete design

CEM 653 Design of steel structures

Optional courses

CEM 654 Prestressed concrete design

CEM 656 Structural masonry design

CEM 657 Structural dynamics

CEM 612 Analysis and design of foundations

CEM 616 Earth pressure & retaining structures

CSI 602 Computer software engineering

Semester 3 and 4

CEM 701 Dissertation 12 credits x 2 semesters

In pursuit of academic excellence