Bachelor of Land Management

Entrance Requirements

Admission into the Bachelor of Land Management Degree Programme shall be as stipulated in the
General Regulations 20.2.

Admission into Level 100 of the BLM Degree Programme shall be a minimum requirement of BGCSE with a D grade in English and a C grade in Mathematics,

Admission into Level 200 of the Bachelor of BLM Degree Programme shall be as stipulated in the General Admission Regulations.

Mature Age Entry Scheme and Recognition of Prior Learning admission shall be stipulated in the General Academic regulation 00.52

Applicants with an appropriate Diploma in Land Management, Land Administration, Estates Management, Geomatics, Land Surveying, Cartography, GIS, or equivalent and have GPA of at least 3.0 or its equivalent may be admitted directly into Level 200 but will take any Level 100 missing courses if necessary.
A student admitted directly to Level 200 BLM who has not completed Level 100 Geomatics courses must take them during their first year at the University of Botswana.

Programme Structure

The programme for the degree in Land Management will be a single major programme that will extend over 8 semesters of Full time studies. It shall consist of a single subject called Land Management consisting of the courses shown below:

Degree Structure

Level 100 shall consist of the following courses:

Semester One

ECO111 Basic Microeconomics 3 credits, core)
STA101 Mathematics for Social Sciences 1, (3 credits, core)
LAW131 Introduction to Law (3 credits, core)
RES101 Introduction to Real Estate (3 credits core)

In addition students will take the following GEC Courses

COM131 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills (FET) (3)
ICT121 Computer Skills Fundamentals (2)

Semester Two

RES102 Introduction to Valuation (3credits, core, pre-req RES101)
ARB122 Building Materials II (3 credits, core)
ECO112 Basic Macroeconomics (3 credit, core)
STA102 Mathematics for Business and Social Science II (3 credits, core,pre-req. STA101)

In addition students will take the following GEC Courses

COM132 Academic and Professional Communication (FET) (3)
ICT122 Computer Skills Fundamentals (2)

Level 200 shall consist of the following courses:

Semester Three

RES200 Land Economics I (3 credits, core)
URP110 Introduction to Planning and Built Environment (3 credits, core)
LAW354 Land Law for Geomatics (3 credits, core)
MGT100 Principles of Management (3 credits, core)
STA111 Elementary Statistics (3 credits, core)
RES201 Principles of Valuation (3 credits, core)

Semester Four

CGB321 Introduction to Land Administration (3 credits, core)
CGB322 Principles of GIS (3 credits, core)
RES210 Land Economics II (3 credits, core, pre-req RES200)
RES211 Facilities Management (3 credits, core, pre-req RES101)
RES302 Applied Valuation (3 credits, core, pre- reqRES201)
ACC100 Introduction to Accounting (3 credits, core)

The students will also take the following winter course:

ITB200 Industrial Training (4 credits, core, 8 weeks)

Level 300 Shall consist of the following courses:

Semester Five

RES300 Housing Economics and Policies (3 credits, core, pre-req RES210)
RES301 Real Estate Marketing and Strategies (3 credits, core, pre-req RES210)
RES303 Property Development and Finance (3 credits, core, pre-req RES211)
RES313 Applied Valuation II (3 credits, core, pre- req RES302)
CGB111 Geomatics I (4 credits, core)

Semester Six

RES310 Property Management (3 credits, core, pre-req RES300)
RES311 Property Investment and Appraisal (3 credits, core, pre-req RES303)
RES312 Property Conveyance and Disposition (3 credits, core)
BLM323 Project Planning and Implementation (3 credits, core, pre-req RES303)
PAD202 Public Administration in Botswana (3 credits, elective)

In addition students will take the following winter courses:

ITB300 Industrial Training II (4 credits, core,8 weeks)

Level 400 shall consist of the following courses:

Semester Seven

CGB411 Research Project I (3 credit, core)
CGB413 Advanced Land Administration (3 credit, core, pre-req CGB321)
BLM411 Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 credits, core)
BLM313 Remote Sensing for Land Management (3 credits, core)
RES401 Computer Applications for Real Estate (3 credits, core pre-req RES303)
Elective (2 credits)

Semester Eight

RES410 Dissertation/Project (9, core)
CBB529 Professional Ethics (3 credits, core)
MGT200 Organisation design and Development (3, core)
BLM321 Tribal Land Management (3 credits, core)

A course may consist entirely of fieldwork, project work, practical work, design, and seminars. In addition to work during the semester, a subject may include prescribed fieldwork or assignments during the vacation periods.


Continuous assessment in courses shall be based on tests and assignments, and where applicable laboratory reports and field reports. The ratio between tests and assignment shall be 1:1.

The ratio of continuous assessment to formal examination shall be 2:3.

A project shall be evaluated by continuous assessment, oral presentation and/or demonstration and a written report. The ratio of the marks for continuous assessment, presentation assessment and written report shall be 2:1:1.

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