Master of Education Degree in Physical Education

The following courses are offered for the Master’s of Education Degree in Physical Education:

•MEd (Physical Education- Pedagogy)

•MEd (Physical Education-Sports Management)

•MEd (Physical Education-Sports Science)

•MEd (Physical Education-Sports Psychology)

1.0 Departmental Regulations MEd (Physical Education)

Subject to the provisions of General Regulations 40.0 and the Faculty of Education Special Regulations 41.0, the following Departmental Special Regulations shall apply:

2.0 Entrance Requirements

2.1 The normal minimum entrance requirements for admission to the MEd programmes of the Department of Physical Education shall be:

i)a) A BEd degree in Physical Education or related area from this University or recognised equivalent institution with at least a 2(ii) or 3.0 GPA on a five- point scale or:

b) An acceptable Bachelor’s degree with at least a 2(ii) or 3.0 GPA plus a Post Graduate diploma in any relevant area of Physical Education.

ii) At least one year of relevant experience.

2.2 MEd work in any specialisation must be preceded by sufficient undergraduate work in that field or a related one to satisfy the Board of the Department.

3.0 Programme Structure

The structure of the MEd (Physical Education) Programme shall be in accordance with Faculty Special Regulation 41.5. The MEd Degree offered by coursework and Dissertation shall consist of eight taught courses equivalent to 24 credits and a Dissertation (PHR799) equivalent to 24 credits. The MEd degree offered by coursework and Research Essay (PHR798) shall consist of twelve taught courses equivalent to 36 credits and a Research Essay equivalent to twelve credits.

Level One

All students are required to take the following core courses:

Semester 1

Core Courses

EFF640 Integrated Foundations of Education

EFF641 Educational Research I

PHR600 Contemporary Issues in Physical Education, Sport, Recreation and Leisure Plus three credits from the core of any one of the specializations that follow:

Semester 2

EFF642 Educational Research II

PHR601 Measurement, Evaluation and Statistical Procedures for Physical Education and Sports Plus any six credits from any one of the following specialisations.

Specialisation A: Pedagogy of Physical Education and Sport Core Course

PHR716 Methodology in Physical Education And Sports


PHR717 Curriculum Development in Physical Education

PHR719 Coaching Techniques in Physical Education and Sports

PHR720 Supervision in Physical Education and Sport

PHR721 Motor Learning and Human Performance

Specialisation B: Physical Education and Sport Management Core Course

PHR705 Organisational Behaviour, Sport Management Theory and Practice


PHR 706 Sport Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Promotions

PHR 708 Practicum in Sports Marketing and Sports Management (pre-requisite PHR 706)

PHR709 Sport and Law

Specialisation C: Physical Education and Sport Science

Core Course

PHR710 Advanced Physiology of Exercise


PHR711 Laboratory Techniques in Sport Sciences

PHR712 Biomechanics Applied to Physical Education and Sports

PHR714 Kinesiological Considerations in Physical Education and Sports

PHR715 Advanced Physical Fitness Testing in Health and Sports

Specialization D: Physical Education & Sport Psychology

Core Course

PHR737 Stress management in Sport

PHR721 Motor Learning & Human Performance

PHR738 Growth and Motor Behaviour

PHR703 Sociology of Sport

Level Two

In the second level of the programme, students shall take the Dissertation Route or the Research Essay Route.

3.1 Dissertation Route - The Dissertation route shall be in accordance with Faculty of Education Special Regulation 41.55.

PHR 799 Dissertation

3.2 Research Essay Route - The Research Essay route shall be in accordance with Faculty of Education Special Regulation 41.56.

PHR 798 Research Essay

Semester 3

Students shall take two courses they did not take in their area of specialisation plus two from the following:

MGT750 Organizational Theory and Behavior

PHR604 Sport and the Media

PHR700 Physical Education and Sport in

Traditional African Cultures

PHR702 Comparative History of Physical

Education and Sport

PHR704 Philosophical Bases of Physical

Education and Sport

PHR707 Sports and Physical Education Facilities Planning, Construction and Management

PHR713 Psychological Factors in Physical Education and Sports

PHR718 Instructional Technology in

Physical Education and Sport

PHR734 Management of Sport Injuries

PHR735 Qualitative Analysis of Movement

PHR736 Independent Study

PHR725 Rehabilitation and Social Integration of Individuals with Special Educational Needs

PHR731 Ethics and Controversy in Leisure, Travel and Tourism )

Semester 4

PHR798 Research Essay

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