Bachelor of Sport Science (Exercise Science & Wellness)

Year 1

Semester One

COM101 Communications and Academic Literacy Skills (Health Sciences and Pre-Med)      GEC       3
ICT121  Computing Skills Fundamentals I  GEC        2
BIO111  Principles of Biology        Core      4
CHE 101 General Chemistry          Core      4
BSS112  Socio-cultural foundations of Sport & Exercise    Core      3

           TOTAL CREDITS 16

Semester Two

COM102  Communications and Academic Literacy Skills (Health Sciences and Pre-Med)      GEC        3
ICT122  Computing Skills Fundamentals II              GEC        2
BIO120  Introductory Biochemistry           Core      3
BSS122  Principles of Exercise and Sport Training                Core      3
BSS123  Aquatic Skills      Core      3
Elective       3

            TOTAL CREDITS 17

Year Two

Semester One

BIO211  Cell Biology   Core   3
BSS212  Exercise for Special Populations     Core   3
BSS121  Exercise Lab Techniques     Core   3
PHY112  General Optics and Mechanics, Vibrations and Waves    Core   4
BSS221  Motor Learning & Skills Acquisition           Core   3
Elective          2

            TOTAL CREDITS 18

Semester Two

BIO231  Human Anatomy            Core      3
BIO232  Human Physiology         Core      3
BSS221  Motor Learning & Skills Acquisition        Core      3
BSS222  Special Needs and Adapted Physical Activity       Core      3
BSS234  Sport Science Internship             Core      3

Choose one of the following Options:
BSS231  Coaching Techniques and Strategies in Basketball            Option  3
BSS232  Coaching Techniques and Strategies in Handball               Option  3

            TOTAL CREDITS               18

Year Three

Semester One

BSS310  Kinesiology         Core      3
BSS311  Biochemistry of Exercise               Core      3
BSS312  Nutrition for Sport, Exercise and Wellness             Core      3
BSS313  Applied Biomechanics    Core      3
Elective       3

                TOTAL CREDITS 15

Semester Two

BSS321  Research Methods in Sport & Exercise    Core      3
BSS322  Principles of Sport & Exercise Psychology              Core      3
BSS323  Tests, Measurement & Evaluation in Sport & Exercise.     Core      3
BSS324  Sport Science Internship               Core      3
BSS330  Exercise Physiology I       Core      3

Plus one option from the following:
BSS333  Coaching Techniques and Strategies in Badminton            Option  3
BSS331  Coaching Techniques and Strategies in Table Tennis         Option  3

            TOTAL CREDITS 18

Year Four

Semester One

BSS411  Exercise Physiology II           Core   3
BSS412  Exercise Testing, Prescription & Counselling       Core   3
BSS417  Sport Science Research Project I   Core   3

Plus one of the following options:              
BSS418  Coaching Techniques and Strategies in Cricket   Option            3
BSS419  Coaching Techniques and Strategies in Hockey   Option            3

Elective          3

            TOTAL CREDITS    15

Semester Two

BSS422  High Performance Training, Analysis & Evaluation   Core   3
BSS423  Sport Injuries Rehabilitation    Core   3
BSS424  Entrepreneurship in Sport & Exercise             Core   3
BSS425  Sport Science Research Project II       Core   3
BSS426  Strength & Conditioning  Technique  Core   3

            TOTAL CREDITS         15

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