Master of Education Degree in Educational Technology

Subject to the provisions of General Regulations 40.0 and 41.0, the following Departmental Special Regulations shall apply:

Entrance Requirements for MEd Programme in Educational Technology

The normal minimum entrance requirements for admission to the MEd programme shall be:

a) Any BEd degree from this or any recognised university or equivalent institution with at least a 2(ii) or its equivalent, or:

b) A Bachelor’s degree from this university with at least a second class, second division plus at least a credit in the concurrent Diploma in Education or pass in the Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Equivalent qualifications from other recognised academic institutions shall be considered, or:

c) A Bachelor’s degree of this university at pass level with at least a credit in the Post Graduate Diploma in Education;

With the approval of Senate, equivalent qualifications and experience may be accepted. Such candidates may be required to perform successfully on an admission examination or satisfy other requirements as deemed appropriate by the Department of Educational Technology.

Programme Structure

The structure of the Master of Education Degree in Educational Technology shall be in accordance with the Faculty Special Regulation 41.5

Student Advising

Upon admission, each student shall be assigned an advisor. The advisor shall consult with the student regarding course work and other issues related to the programme of study and may or may not serve as the Research Supervisor. During the first year, a Research Supervisor shall be appointed for each student.

2.2 Course Listings

Level One

All students will be required to take the following courses

Semester 1

EFF 640 Integrated Foundation of Education
EFF 641 Educational Research I
EDT 641 Foundations of Technology Application in learning
EDT 642 Introduction to Activity Theory and the Change Laboratory Methodology

Semester 2

EFF 642 Educational Research II
EDT 643 Design and Development of Technology Tools
EDT 644 Instructional Systems Design

Plus any one of the following optional courses:

EDT 645 702 Leadership and Technology
MGT 748 Entrepreneurship

Level Two

In Level Two of the Programme, students shall be required to take the Dissertation route.

a) EDT 761 Dissertation

The Dissertation Option shall be in accordance with Faculty of Education Special Regulations 41.55.

ELC761 Dissertation

In pursuit of academic excellence