Master of Education Degree in Research and Evaluation

Departmental Special Regulations for the MEd (Research and Evaluation)


Subject to the provisions of General Regulations 400 and the Faculty of Education Special Regulations 41.0, the following Departmental Special Regulations shall apply.

Entrance Requirements

Entrance into the MEd (Research and Evaluation)shall be in accordance with Faculty Special Regulation 41.1.

Programme Structure

The structure of the MEd (Research and Evaluation) programme shall be in accordance with Faculty Special Regulation 41.5.

Level One

All students will be required to take the following core courses.

EFF640 Integrated Foundations of Education

EFF641 Educational Research I

EFF642 Educational Research II

EFR640 Statistical Methods I

EFR641 Constructing Achievement and Ability Tests

EFR642 Statistical Methods II

EFR643 Qualitative Research Methods

Plus any one of the following optional courses:

EFR644 Introduction to Educational Evaluation

EFR645 Data Analysis Using Computer Packages

EFR646 Experimental Design

EFR647 Issues in Qualitative Research

EFR648 Qualitative Data Analysis

With the consent of the Head of Department and agreement with the cognate department, a maximum of two courses may be taken from another MEd specialisation, from another Master’s programme at the University of Botswana or from an approved Master’s programme of another university

Level Two

In Level Two of the programme, students shall take the Dissertation route or the Research Essay route.

Dissertation Route - The Dissertation route shall be in accordance with Faculty of Education Special Regulation 41.55.

EFR 761 Dissertation

Research Essay Route - The Research Essay route shall be in accordance with Faculty of Education Special Regulation 41.56.

EFR 751 Research Essay

Plus three optional courses from the following

and one from Level One courses not previously taken

EFR 740 Criterion Referenced Testing

EFR 741 Constructing Questionnaires and Conducting Surveys

EFR742 Statistical Methods III

EFR743 Gender Bias in Assessment and Evaluation

EFR744 Project Design and Evaluation

EFR745 Feminist Research and Pedagogy

EFR750 Special Topics in Research and Evaluation

In pursuit of academic excellence