MPhil/PhD in Business

Aims and Objectives of the Programme

The aim of the FOB programme is to provide robust, systematic research training for scholars who wish to pursue in-depth MPhil/PhD studies in particular business disciplines. The aim is in line with the approved Tertiary Education Policy and the creation of the Innovation Hub in the country. This aim will be achieved by providing resources and facilities at the cutting edge of teaching, learning, researching, monitoring and assessment. This aim is also consistent with the University’s Vision and Mission and Strategic Priority Area 4, articulated in ‘Shaping Our Future’.

The MPhil/PhD programme will:

  • Be a high quality academic programme, ensuring commitment and mastery of life-long learning skills, and encouraging a spirit of critical enquiry;
  • Advance scholarship and generate research through the discovery, integration, dissemination, and application of knowledge; and
  • Respond to the nation’s cultural, economic, political, scientific, social, technological, business and industrial needs.

Objectives of the Programme: It is expected that students in the MPhil/Ph.D. programme will:

  • Develop as high calibre, well-rounded practitioners, with specialised knowledge in business disciplines and professional competencies;
  • Contribute to inquiry, development and synthesis of new knowledge in the theory and practice of management and business;
  • On graduation, perform as managers, intellectual leaders, mentors and role models in the practice and study of business;
  • Advance new methods and techniques of research in disciplines of business.
  • Develop internationally/regionally/nationally recognized independent research that contributes to the frontiers of knowledge in business disciplines.
  • Demonstrate ability to present and defend research output to a critical audience.


  1. General Regulations 50 for the degrees of MPhil/PhD will apply.
  2. Faculty Special Regulations for the MPhil/ PhD programme

Subject to the General Regulations of 50 mentioned above, the following special faculty regulations will apply.

2.0 Programme Structure

2.1 A student should take and pass, at MPhil/PhD level, the designated courses as recommended by the FOB MPhil/PhD Committee (Appendix B).

2.2 In exceptional circumstances, the School of Graduate Studies, acting on a recommendation of the FOB MPhil/PhD Committee, shall exempt a student from such courses.

2.3 Upon recommendation of the supervisor, a student may be required to register for courses at the Masters level in order to supplement background knowledge. Such supplementary courses are not examinable.

2.4 A student registered for MPhil/PhD will be expected to present in at least one seminar.

2.5 At both MPhil/PhD level a student shall be required to perform satisfactorily in the written report and oral presentation of their research proposals as part of fulfilling the requirements of the MPhil/PhD thesis.

MPhil\PhD Course structure

As governed by General Regulation 50.5 the MPhil programme will be for a dura-tion of 2 years full time and 3 years part time. The PhD will be for duration of 3 years full time and 5 years part time.

MPhil Courses

Course Examination status (Credits)

FOB 600 Research Methods for Business Examinable (3)

FOB 800 Thesis for MPhil Examinable (24)PhD Courses

Course Examination status (Credits)

FOB 600 Research Methods for Business Examinable (3)

FOB 900 Thesis for PhD Examinable (72)

In pursuit of academic excellence