Diploma in Business and Accounting Studies (DABS)

Entrance Requirements

  1. The entrance requirement shall be as specified in general regulations 10.2.1
  2. A pass in CABS will be exempted from some courses in DABS.

Programme Structure

The programme will extend over a period of six semesters. Students will take four courses in each semester. Except the General Education Courses, all courses of this programmme are core courses which must be taken and passed for the award of the certificate. Each core course consists of 3 credits and each General Education Course consists of 2 credits. The total number of credits for the entire programme is 68.


  1. Two pieces of continuous assessment tests for each semester course
  2. The continuous assessment to final examination is in the 2:3 ratio.
  3. There will be a two-hour end of-semester examination for each course.

Progression from one Level to the next

1. The General Academic Regulations 00.9 will apply in this case.

Award of the Certificate

1. A student must pass all the courses in three levels with a minimum GPA of 2.0
2. The Classification of results will be in accordance with general regulation 10.4

Level 100

Semester 1

DAB111 Business Mathematics and Statistics (3)
DAB112 Basic Accounting (3)
COM021 Communication and Study Skills (3)
ICT121 Computing and Information Skills I(2)

Semester 2

DAB113 Principles of Management (3)
DAB114 Introduction to Marketing (3)
COM022 Communication and Study Skills II (3)
ICT022 Computing and Information Skills II (2)

Level 200

Semester 3

DAB211 Intermediate Accounting (3)
DAB212 Microeconomics (3)
DAB213 General Psychology (3)
DAB214 Business Statistics (3)

Semester 4

DAB215 Macroeconomics (3)
DAB216 Business Finance (3)
DAB217 Business Law (3)
DAB218 Taxation (3)

Level 300

Semester 5

Core Courses

DAB311 Quantitative Methods for Business (3)
DAB312 Financial Management (3)
DAB313 Cost Accounting (3)
DAB314 Management Information Systems

Semester 6

A – Accounting Stream

DAB315 Financial Accounting (3)
DAB316 Management Accounting (3)
DAB317 Auditing (3)
DAB318 Financial Institutions & Markets (3)

B – Management Stream

DAB319 Human Resource Management (3)
DAB320 Organisational Design and Development (3)
DAB321 Small Business Management (3)
DAB322 Fundamentals of Materials Management (3)

C – Marketing Stream

DAB323 Sales Management (3)
DAB324 Consumer Behaviour (3)
DAB325 Marketing Management (3)
DAB326 Purchasing Management (3)


  1. The students will choose one of the above streams A or B or C in the 6th Semester at DABS Level 300

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