University of Botswana Wellness Day, a Resounding Success

HealthUniversity of Botswana (UB) staff were advised to be cautious about their mental health as it is paramount to their wellbeing. This was said by the Director, Human Resource, Mr Emmanuel Maite, at the 2nd Annual University of Botswana Wellness Day held at the UB Stadium on the 10th of November 2023. The event was held under the theme: ‘Mind Over Matter, Your Mental Health.’

The Wellness Day organised by the Department of Human Resources in partnership with the Department of Public Affairs, Health and Wellness as well as the Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation, was a culmination of a series of activities that were aimed at promoting holistic wellness, emphasising the power of mind in achieving physical and mental well-being. On the eve of the event, staff members attended activations, among them meditation, motivational talks as well as aerobics.   

 Mr Maite further offered counsel to members of staff on the importance of letting go of issues that burden the mind which ultimately affect the overall health of the employee, their productivity, performance at work as well as  their personal lives. He vehemently made it clear that he was not in any way trivialising staff issues but rather impressing upon them to prioritise their mental health and let go of the emotional baggage.  

For her part, Mrs Otsile Sento-Pelaelo from the Department of Career and Counselling, said mental health was vital in today’s world where people are faced with a myriad of challenges. Further, she said staff should beside fostering teamwork, use the Wellness Day as a moment to relax and enjoy themselves.

HealUB’s dedication to nurturing a supportive and healthy work environment was exemplified by the day’s activities. Staff were provided with an opportunity to indulge in activities that nourished the mind, body, and soul such as sport and recreation, advice on healthy eating and lifestyle. Various exhibitors provided services such as blood pressure and diabetes testing as well as screening of vitals, especially given the rise of non-communicable diseases.

In conclusion, the Wellness Day was aimed at building team spirit in that staff participated in competitive activities such as relays, five - a- side football and tug of war.

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