Ukrainian Universities Express Readiness in Collaborating with University of Botswana

A number of universities in Ukraine have shown interest to have exchange programmes and collaboration with the University of Botswana in a number of areas, particularly in medicine, science and technology.

Incoming Ukraine Ambassador to Botswana, South Africa and Mozambique, Her Excellency, Ms Liubov Abravitova, said quite a number of them were ready to sign memoranda of understanding and would soon be sending their representatives to establish contact. Ms Abravitova revealed this during her brief visit to the Ukraine1University of Botswana on October 20, 2021 where she met with the Executive Management to discuss issues of mutual interest.

She said Ukraine would next year send an educational mission to the region (Botswana, South Africa and Mozambique) hence expressed the desire for the University of Botswana to take advantage of the visit to host part of the delegation. She added that part of her tour of duty was to establish synergies in education between institutions of higher learning in Botswana and Ukraine in different sectors particularly in renewable energy, medicine, information technology and agriculture.

In response, Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Mrs Motsei Rapelana said the University of Botswana was keen on signing memoranda of understanding with Ukrainian universities because it would help enhance its international outlook. Mrs Rapelana said UB was ready to host the Ukrainian delegation and invite other local public tertiary education providers to partake in the process as well. She underscored the importance of student and staff exchange programmes to promote diversity of ideas.

Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Professor Happy Siphambe, also emphasised the importance of international partnerships in that the University of Botswana established an office for international education and partnerships. Professor Siphambe added that without necessarily disadvantaging other study programmes and given that the University of Botswana was a comprehensive university, particular focus would, however, be more on science and technology. He expressed the hope that when the University of Botswana eventually hosts the Ukraine delegation they would be able to identify areas of mutual benefit to subsequently sign memoranda of understanding.

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