UB Receives Blood Transfusion Award

University of Botswana has been awarded Best Tertiary and Overall Institution in Blood Transfusion. Last year, 973 students volunteered to donate blood to the national blood bank.

Speaking at a Blood Donation Campaign during a health and wellness week at UB on March 2, 2020, Health and Wellness Coordinator, Mrs BawaniMutshewa, said UB received the award at a Donors Award Ceremony recently.

Mrs Mutshewa said the Donor Award Ceremony was an annual celebratory event to reward and thank most committed blood donors in the country. The awards ceremony was organised by the Botswana National Blood Transfusion Services.

“The Donor Awards Ceremony is a special event to recognise the invaluable contribution blood donors have made to Botswana’s healthcare,” said Mrs Mutshewa

She also said UB’s commitment towards blood donation has led to a strong partnership with the Botswana National Blood Transfusion. She further noted that 98 per cent of blood collection at UB was useable. 

Mrs Mutshewa also noted that every year in April UB hosted donor’s appreciation awards to motivate students and encourage others to donate blood to save lives. She also said UB used the blood donation campaign as behavioral change platforms. 

Botswana Blood Transfusion Services Principal Registered Nurse, Ms Lista Mutikani, said most blood donations they received from UB were 95 per cent useable as the discard rate was very low. 

Ms Mutikani said UB contributed a lot of blood hence the strong partnership. She also appreciated students for their routine support every year, which assisted in saving other people lives.

A student who was a five-time donor, Ms Batho Kalante, said it was a good feeling to hear that her blood was used to save someone’s life. She also said she donated blood out of love. 

Another student, Mr Kabo Molonda, said she was donating blood for the eighth time and encouraged other students to respond to the healthcare crisis on blood shortage.

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