UB Ready and Well Positioned to Revitalize Leberia's Education System

LiberiaA University of Botswana delegation led by Vice Chancellor, Professor David Norris, is in Monrovia, Liberia on a week-long visit to seek collaborations and offer expertise to the Liberian government in transforming the country’s education system. 

Professor Norris said in a meeting with Liberia’s Senior Minister of Education, Professor D Ansu Sonni, that knowledge was key in powering economies. He said the University of Botswana was more than ready to facilitate knowledge creation in Liberia.

Professor Norris added that the University of Botswana was highly ranked in Africa hence it was well positioned and resourced to assist in transforming the Liberian education system. He expressed the desire for UB to collaborate with Liberia’s Ministry of Education on curriculumn development, research and innovation. In addition, Professor Norris said the two entities could further collaborate in developing degree programmes that could help drive economic developmentLiberia especially given that knowledge was key to stimulating economies.

Professor Norris spoke about University of Botswana’s 23 alumni in Liberia holding high ranking positions, saying such demonstrated the quality and calibre of the university graduates.

In response, the Prof Sonii said his ministry was ready for collaboration with the University of Botswana. He said a delegation from his ministry would visit Botswana in September to solidify relations with the University of Botswana. He commended UB alumni in Liberia for contributing significantly to the development of their country.

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