UB Inducts Protection Services Staff on COVID-19

The University of Botswana on May 12, 2020 organized an induction course for its Protection Services staff as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.The induction course was organized by the University of Botswana’s COVID-19 Response Team to acquaint participants with the national COVID-19 Health Plan as well as the role of the Protection Services during implementation of the plan.

Speaking on the objectives of the induction course, a UB COVID-19 Response Team member, Ms Patience Malebeswa, said the purpose was to equip participants with the knowledge on the health plan and role of protection services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms Malebeswa added that it was also to familiarize the participants with the different screening registers as well as for them to learn and master the use of infrared thermometers in addition to the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment.

Chairman of the Response Team, Dr Chilindi Maloiso, said it was crucial for the Protection Services staff as front desk personnel to understand the COVID-19 health plan activation because they would be assisting in surveillance and contract tracing of suspects should there be any cases reported.

Dr Maloiso said some of the health plan activation activities included temperature checks and registration of clients or members of the UB staff entering the university campus. The participants were further advised to make sure that people entering the university campus held valid travel permits and that social distancing was observed at all times.

Mr Kgosietsile Bopadile, also a member of the UB COVID-19 Response Team, said during transportation and at workstations, Protection Services staff members should also adhere to COVID-19 health protocols and keep the required physical distancing.

Director of the Department of Student Welfare, Ms Barbra Pansiri, advised the participants to exercise patience, professionalism and maintain integrity during their operations. Ms Pansiri acknowledged that there would be challenges especially with the return of students and other members of staff on campus but as professionals they should handle such situations in the best way they could to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Campus Services Director, Mr Reginald Frank as well as Deputy Director Protection Services, Mr Robert Kalasi, also urged the participants to work together as a unit and to maintain the highest integrity at all times.

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