Professor Jotia and Agarwal Receive Teaching Excellence Awards

AwardsThe University of Botswana has awarded two of its academics, Professor Agreement Lathi Jotia in the Faculty of Education and Abhishek Agarwal in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Teaching Excellence Awards.

Professor Jotia and Agarwal received the awards in recognition of their innovative ways of teaching, and impact in their student’s learning. Professor Jotia, who is School of Graduate Studies Acting Dean was recognised for his contribution in the  field of Social Studies Education - Democracy and Education while Agarwal’s was in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Teaching Excellence Awards are incentives that are provided to a staff member to recognise and reward excellence in teaching in a tangible way. The Award is intended to raise the profile of good teaching and improve the overall quality of teaching at UB. Award recipients are selected based on a framework and criteria that exemplify the state-of-the art of teaching and best practice.

The overarching aim of the Teaching Excellence Awards is to implement one of the University of Botswana’s Values that productivity will be ensured “through the setting and rewarding of high standards of performance underpinned by dedication to quality, continuous improvement, efficiency and effectiveness throughout the institution” (UB Guidelines fpr Teaching Excellence Awards and Teaching Innovation Grants, 2007).

The second aim is to fulfil the University’s Mission “to advance the intellectual and human resource capacity of the nation and the international community” (UB Strategy: Creating a Future for the Knowledge Generation; 2020-2029).

The Teaching Excellence Awards and Teaching Innovation Grants are part of our academic quality enablers that will develop a learning-centred environment, advance scholarship in generating research-based and evidence-based teaching and learning practices, and facilitate rewards for academic excellence in the work performed by those who have teaching responsibilities.

In pursuit of academic excellence