Prof Norris Urges Alumni to Appreciate the Value of Giving Back

Vice Chancellor, Professor David Norris, has urged alumni to appreciate the value of giving back to former learning institutions.

“Most of us out there and everybody holding some office position somewhere, one way or the other, has been affected positively by this institution. But I get worried that in Africa we don’t seem to give back to those institutions that made us what we are,” said Professor Norris.

He was speaking at a donation ceremony of 45 (500ml) sanitizers to the UB Clinic by Mr Moses Malepa Oahile, who is a Pharmacy Technician at the clinic. He said generally, in some countries there were buildings that had been funded by former students. Therefore, Professor Norris commended Mr Oahile for finding it fit to contribute to the wellbeing of the University of Botswana.

“It doesn’t have to be only those who went through the doors in terms of being taught here but the fact that you have been here, you have been associated with this university, we must be able to give back,” he reckoned.

Professor Norris further reiterated that given the financial constraints the university was going through, Mr Oahile’s efforts were highly laudable in demonstrating the spirit of giving back that could help offset shortage of resources. He added that Mr Oahile’s gesture would encourage others to give back to the university as well.

In response, Mr Oahile’s prefaced his comments with a Setswana adage that “sejo sennye ga se fete molomo,” meaning that though small his donation would go a long way in adding value to the university’s COVID-19 response strategy. In addition, Mr Oahile expressed hope that the donation would further encourage others to also contribute in whatever way possible.

Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Mrs Motsei Rapelana, said though small, Mr Oahile’s donation was a huge step towards saving lives. Mrs Rapelana said the donation would also demonstrate the seriousness with which the UB community viewed the health threat posed by COVID-19. She also expressed hope that the donation would spur the rest of the UB community to put more effort towards the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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