ORI Researchers Submit Okavango Delta Management Plan Report to Government

ODMPA team of researchers at the Okavango Research Institute (ORI) led by Professor Olekae Thakadu recently completed the evaluation of the Okavango Delta Management Plan (ODMP) 2021-2028.

Professor Thakadu submitted the Revised ODMP Report to the Department of National Museum and Monuments in the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism.

The project was undertaken at a cost of P1.5 million. It provides direction on how the Botswana Government should use natural resources in the Okavango Delta while at the same time adhering to the principles of sustainable development.

Submission of the ODMP Report (2021-2028) is just but one of the many projects the Okavango Research Institute has completed for the Botswana Government in recent years.

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