Okavango Research Institute Donates Old Newspapers to Maun Secondary Schools

NewsOkavango Research Institute (ORI) has donated old newspapers to two secondary schools in Maun. The secondary schools that received the donations for their libraries and art departments are Tsodilo and Maitlamo Junior Secondary Schools.

ORI made the donations as part of its quest to create institutional linkages through partnerships and promotion of school libraries in the Northwest District. The schools normally use old newspapers to make sculptures. Art teachers at the two schools also said they used the newspapers for research as part of final junior certificate projects.

Receiving the donations, Tsodilo and Maitlamo JSS Deputy SchoolNewspapers Heads expressed gratitude, saying that the material would become handy during their Form Three class initiatives especially for intensive reading training and comprehension.

They noted that the donations were timely given that they needed material to set questions from stories from old newspapers as well as to guide students on how to answer questions across subjects. Both the Art students and teachers thanked ORI for the donation and asked for more.

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