IPRC Awards Dr Sekhwela Senior Research Management Professional Status

The International Professional Recognition Council (IPRC) has awarded Dr Mogodisheng Sekhwela Senior Research Management Professional (SRMP) status.

IPRC accredited Dr Sekhwela, who is  Office of Research and Development Acting Director, through the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA). Dr Sekhwela’s accreditation is first for the University of Botswana and the rest of the countryThrough IPRC, the Southern Africa Research and Recognition Council promotes professional recognition through professionalisation of research managers, not only at a national level but globally.Sekhwela

Therefore, Dr Sekhwela’s accreditation represents a great stride for the University of Botswana’s research management and leadership competency profile. Thus, he has been accredited to mentor, train and lead in one of the fastest emerging professions with an established international competency framework.

The accreditation affords him a rare opportunity for international recognition amongst his peers, research managers’ community besides large international research funding organisations. Strong research management capacity appears to be having a pull-effect on accessing competitive international research funding in that more external research funding seems to be following universities with strong research management capacity.

Underpinning Dr Sekhwela’s feat, is a long and accomplished impactful research career on natural resources utilization and management, embracing policy development, professional services for international funding agencies and government departments.

His footprint includes involved leadership for large multidisciplinary research teams, as well as being part of international collaborations that instilled project management contributing to the competencies leading to his professional recognition. At UB, Dr Sekhwela has featured in many strategic task forces/groups set up to provide directional development for the university. This year alone, he is actively involved in four such groups, underlining the higher education acumen bestowed in him.

In Dr Mogodisheng Sekhwela’s words “at long last it has happened. My devotion to improve our research management and leadership competencies is internationally recognised. I now stand accredited to mentor, train and lead research not only at UB but nationally as well as internationally.”

Meanwhile, IPRC consists of experienced research managers representing a diverse research management community from across the world. Members are individuals serving in strategic research management leadership such as Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research or equivalent. Other members come from key agencies or organisations involved in the research and innovation system.

Consequently, accredited professional research managers such as Dr Sekhwela are granted recognition through peer review. Thus, Dr Sekhwela’s research management endowment is a demonstration of his expertise and accomplishments.

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