Faculty of Medicine Embarks on Health Screening Drive To Celebrate 10 Years

The Faculty of Medicine embarked on a health screening drive at Main Mall in Gaborone on February 28, 2020 as part of activities to celebrate 10 years since its inception besides promoting quality health and safety. The activities will culminate with a Gala Dinner on March 21, 2020.

The objective of the Health and Wellness Day was also to promote early detection of different health conditions for easier treatment or prevention. Members of the community were screened by medical students for health conditions such as blood pressure, body mass index, HIV and blood sugar levels, TB, breast testing and diabetes.

Other services included educating the public on family planning and new developments in Botswana, blood transfusion and educating the public on various health risks associated with smoking as well as emergency health interventions. The public was also engaged on aerobics to promote physical fitness.

In addition, the public was sensitised on healthy eating and exercising. There was also distribution of condoms to assist in the curbing of the spread of the diseases and to promote family planning. The event attracted large number of members of the community who were eager to receive first-hand information on their health conditions. It also attracted officials from institutions such as the World Health Organisation among them a representative to SADC, Dr Josephine Namboze and Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Oathokwa Nkomazana.

Meanwhile, the event was organised by the Faculty of Medicine in partnership with the Mistry of Health and Wellness.  Speaking at the event, Professor Nkomazana said the health screening activities were part of the FOM build up towards celebrating 10 years in transforming health care delivery in Botswana.  She added that its aim was further to promote a healthy community and knowledge-based society.

WHO representative, Dr Namboze commended students and FOM for promoting healthy community. “Keep the fire burning, encourage more men to be involved in health screening because statistics has shown that men still lag behind across the whole continent,” said Dr Namboze.

A lecturer in Family Medicine and Public Health, Dr Tiny Masupe, said UB was the first institution to produce socially accountable medical doctors locally. Dr Masupe also observed that UB was also the first institution to produce medical specialist in the country hence why they ought to celebrate 10 year of transforming health care in the country.

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