Dr Odirile Receives Ohio University  Robert and Rene Glidden Visiting Professorship Award

OdirileDr Lucky Wakantse Odirile, (The University of Botswana Careers and Counselling Director) will spend the 2021/2022 academic year at Ohio University as the Robert and Rene Glidden Visiting Professor. This is a world competitive recognition given to an outstanding scholar who has attained wide recognition based upon their outstanding achievement and contribution in their fields. Glidden professorships are awarded by the executive vice president and provost office acting on the recommendation of a selection committee.

It is competed by different departments at Ohio University every year. Dr Odirile was first given this award in 2015 followed by this second one in 2020. Other outstanding awards that she has include Professional Mentor, George E. Hill Counselling award, The Trend Setter and many more.

Ohio University will benefit from Dr Odirile’s area of expertise in Counsellor Education where she will interact with students through both Masters’ and Doctoral courses such as EDCE 6450(Counselling Over the Life Span) and EDCE 6860 (Multicultural Counselling). Counsellor Education (EDCE 8600) and Theories of Counselling (EDCE8550) She will engage in wide campus talks and trainings to different departments and organizations including the Chi Sigma Iota Counselling Honor Society.  The International office will utilize her COIL experience.

Due to her rich experience and exposure in residence life, Ohio University has appointed Dr Odirile as Faculty in Residence (FIR) to their broadening of diversity and inclusion in residence life. They will benefit on her significant exposure and experience in Emotional Intelligence, Supplemental Instruction, Dynamics of addiction intervention skills, Gender based violence and substance and drug abuse. Dr Odirile’s student affairs extremely broad experience and passion will be a bonus to Ohio University this academic year and they are too excited to have her as the 2021/2022 Robert and Rene Glidden visiting Professor.

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