Dr Kgolo-Lotshwao Publishes Book on Learning Setswana

NalediDr Naledi N. Kgolo-Lotshwao, a linguist and senior lecturer in the Department of English, Faculty of Humanities, has published a book on learning Setswana. The book addresses the need for Setswana language learning materials for non-native and second language speakers of Setswana. It is a contribution to solving the lack of learning materials for local languages.

About the bookSetswana Book

Learn Setswana (Ithute Setswana) is a simplified guide to learning the Setswana language. The book provides expert instruction to help readers master Setswana basics and beyond. It is intended for first-time learners as well as a reference for advanced learners. By using this book, readers will learn different skills in the Setswana language, such as how to greet and introduce oneself, have basic conversations, the meanings of common words, among others.

The book offers practical examples and exercises that give readers greater confidence in communicating in Setswana, whether traveling or in official business. Grammatical rules and concepts are clearly explained in a non-overwhelming manner.

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