Department of Student Welfare Treats Student Leaders to Special Welcome

Not only was it an elegant black-tie event but a special treat for the University of Botswana student leadership to rub shoulders with the university's Executive Management Team.

The date was May 24, 2021. The event, a special dinner organised by the Department of Student Welfare. The aim, to treat the newly elected Student Representative Council (SRC) and Graduate Students Association (GSA) to a special welcome by the university leadership.Dinner1

While Director of Student Welfare, Ms Barbra Pansiri, introduced the guests, Vice Chancellor, Professor David Norris, would address the gathering as keynote speaker. Professor Norris recognised the student leadership as part of the abundant talent the University of Botswana was endowed with that only needed to be nurtured and groomed for future national duty.

He said it was incumbent upon all at the university to see to it that such came to fruition. Professor Norris observed that leaders were not only born but created. Therefore, he appealed to the student leaders to treat and safeguard the University of Botswana as unique brand with immense capacity to create great leaders.

The Vice Chancellor further advised the student leaders to uphold the integrity of the University of Botswana as a premier institution of higher learning in Botswana with a global outlook. Professor Norris also enumerated a number of plans to improve student accommodation on campus as well as internet services to expand access to remote teaching and learning.

SRC President, Mr Carter Joseph, said his leadership would be characterised by transparency through sharing of information in all the university’s media platforms. In addition, Mr Joseph said accountability and love would be key components of his leadership besides unity to ensure the wellbeing of students was given priority.

The SRC President also appealed to Management to go all out and ensure that the University of Botswana was felt in all corners of Botswana. GSA Chairperson, Mr Phemelo Mmereki, promised to uphold the image of the association as a student torchbearer. Mr Mmereki said GSA’s major role was to act as a bridge between students and management. Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Mrs Motsei M Rapelana, in motivating the student leaders, advised them to continue striving for academic excellence.

In pursuit of academic excellence