Chinese Ambassador Pays Vice Chancellor Courtesy Call to Strengthen Relations

XiChinese Ambassador, Mr Wang Xuefeng paid University of Botswana Vice Chancellor Professor David Norris courtesy call this week as part of strengthening their existing relations.

Professor Norris expressed gratitude and appreciation for the support UB received from the Chinese Embassy in establishing an innovation lab. He said the Chinese Embassy donated P500 000 for the construction of the lab. He also noted that the lab which was recently completed had now opened its doors to students, staff and external stakeholders.

Professor Norris invited Mr Xuefeng for the official launch of the lab. He emphasized that the University of Botswana as the top institution in the country, was critical to the development of innovative technologies and unearthing talent.  He appreciated the Chinese support as very crucial in assisting the innovation centre to turn prototypes into finished products that can have positive impact on Botswana’s economic transformation and development.

In response, Mr Xuefeng assured the Vice Chancellor that he would continue to assist UB to identify top Chinese it can collaborate with. He identified Zhejiang University (ZJU) as a possible and ideal partner UB could collaborate with.  He further noted that ZJU currently ranked within the top 100 universities in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.

“The institution prides itself in a culture of innovation and creativity and has research strengths in manned spaceflight, clean energy, industrial control technology, and global public health initiatives related to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases,” said Mr Xuefeng.

In addition, he said Chinese government was committed to strengthening global security initiatives to promote peace and harmony as well as the need for coordinated, collaborative efforts to address security challenges in today's interconnected worldX.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the Chinese government was committed to promoting China- Africa Corporation through dialogue in various topics such as economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, public health, and digital transformation, climate change, poverty reduction, and regional security.

 He explained that his government would host a dialogue on the path to modernization to share insights and proposals on promoting the development of a human community with a shared, prosperous, and better future.

The Ambassador met with the founder of Infinitech, Mr Moeketsi Nthate whose company specializes in digital solutions. Infintech has an agreement with the University of Botswana on co-creation and development of digital technologies.

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