CERC-UB is Now UN Climate Technology Centre & Network Member

University of Botswana Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC) has been granted membership of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN).

CTCN promotes the accelerated transfer of environmentally sound technologies for low carbon and climate resilient development at the request of developing countries. Further, CTCN provides technology solutions, capacity building and advice on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks tailored to the needs of individual countries.

According to information on the CTCN website, this means that CERC will be potentially engaged in the three CTCN areas for technical assistance, outreach events as well as knowledge sharing and capacity building activities. On technical assistance, CERC will be able to participate in bids to implement projects in developing countries as CTCN provides technology solutions to such countries through technical assistance project implementations.

With regards to outreach events, CERC will have the honor to join regional forums, regional climate weeks and NDE events in order to connect with stakeholders as CTCN organizes annual events such as regional National Development Entities (NDEs) forums. CERC will also be able to share knowledge and know-how on climate technology/policy solutions through knowledge sharing and capacity building activities.

It is worth noting that CERC-UB is currently the only network member in Botswana. Therefore, implication of CTCN membership to UB researchers means that research proposals within the above three frameworks can be done through CERC for consideration by United Nations (UN) entities.  CTCN membership is usually a prerequisite for participation in UN projects. It is hoped that this milestone will encourage UB researchers to seek greater involvement in UN sponsored projects.

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