The aims of the Department of History at the University of Botswana are:

  • to promote awareness of the past as essential to understanding the present world;
  • to strive to make the past relevant and important
  • to preserve and enhance knowledge of traditional African culture
  • to educate for responsible citizenship
  • to improve communication of historical and archaeological findings and awareness in the wider community
  • to defend History and the Humanities in general against tendencies to marginalize tradition and the past

In line with these aims, the objectives of the Department are

  • to establish the Department as a regional centre of excellence in training and research in History and Archaeology
  • to produce high quality research and publications which will enhance the University's standing
  • to provide a high quality subject content which will enable teachers to produce school leavers who will be assets to the nation
  • to promote public understanding in Botswana of the country's past through sound scholarship and research
  • to research and teach History which is centered on Africa but placed in a context of World History.

In pursuit of academic excellence