The Department of Economics is an integral part of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Botswana.  It offers courses in the discipline of economics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Career Opportunities for Economists

Recent years have seen a growing demand for well-trained economists in different sectors of the economy at the national, regional and global levels.  A Bachelor degree in economics opens up opportunities in the job market, in  both the public and private sector. It also provides a basis for postgraduate study in economics and related fields. A Graduate degree in economics opens up opportunities at higher levels of decision- making and policy formulation. 


Besides job market opportunities opened by both undergraduate and graduate training in economics, prospective economics students can expect to have gained necessary tools that will allow them to deal with increasingly complex contemporary economic issues at the national, regional and global level by the time they finish training. This will not only assist them in effectively carrying out their responsibilities in the workplace, but it will also assist them in making day to day individual decisions that involve use of scarce resources. 

In pursuit of academic excellence