The Department of Chemistry is a vibrant place to study and do research in the chemical sciences.  The quality of our faculty, our teaching and research facilities as well as the strong links between our department and other departments in Botswana and elsewhere means that our department is one of the best departments in Africa to do productive research..  It has strong graduate and undergraduate teaching programmes,   the academic staff of the Department are actively engaged in research in various fields of chemistry and in interdisciplinary cooperation with other departments in Botswana and elsewhere. The Department has over 21 highly qualified academic staff in varied fields of chemistry. The members of the technical staff are well-qualified and received their training in various international institutions.

The Department offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees programmes, but we do not see our role as being limited to producing chemists. Among our major functions is providing education to all students of various scientific and technical disciplines, most of which depend on a knowledge of the central science of chemistry.  The Department’s other important goal is to improve scientific literacy in the society.  

In pursuit of academic excellence