Botswana’s Vision 2016 describes ‘a society with confidence in itself, pride in its achievements and possessing a sense of common and shared destiny’. The Media Studies programme at UB aspires to further this ideal by offering courses that allow students to explore, study, critique and produce media that will generate a sense of satisfaction and pride. We offer courses that are highly rewarding and academically stimulating. Students are expected to be intellectually adept and to have the ability to use the tools of the trade for modern journalism and media practice. We expect students to be avid readers of books, magazines and newspapers, to watch television, listen to radio and visit the movies.

Artistic, Creative and Imaginative Production

Media studies at UB offers students exciting channels for their artistic, creative and imaginative production and writing projects through practical courses in television and video, radio production, print journalism, cinema/video studies, scriptwriting and public relations management and writing.  The inherent flexibility of the programme encourages interdisciplinary study through major/minor combinations to suit newly emergent career opportunities.  Thus combinations are possible between Business Studies and Public Relations, Health or Environmental Science with Journalism, or Theatre and Radio/Television Drama courses.

Career Prospects

As a UB media studies graduate you will go on to gain employment in the press, electronic media or with public relations institutions. Organisations needing the talents of media trained personnel are NGOs, print and broadcast industries, multi-national corporations, local businesses as well as government ministries and departments such as Information and Broadcasting, Botswana Police, Botswana Defence Force, Commerce and Industry, Education, Health, Mineral Energy and Water Affairs, Works Transport and Communication, Tourism and others.

In pursuit of academic excellence