The Department of African Languages and Literature (ALL), as one of the departments in the Faculty of Humanities, University of Botswana, has been in existence since 1971. It has grown over the years to gain recognition both regionally and internationally. In addition to offering language courses, the department is also committed to promoting creativity and dissemination of knowledge through oral and written literature courses. It is equally concerned with the fulfilment of the challenges which face the aforementioned as well as those that emanate from linguistic diversity, indigenous knowledge and cultural ecology of our continent, and Botswana in particular.

Career Opportunities for the African Languages and Literature Graduate

There are several career opportunities for the African Languages and Literature graduates (B.A. Single Major and B.A Combined degree [Single Major, Major/Major, Major/Minor]) and M.A in African Languages and Literature) in government, Parastatal organizations and the Private Sector. The career opportunities include: education (teaching in schools and colleges), University academic posts, translation and interpretation for public and private organizations, literary and textual expertise for publishing companies, curriculum development for the Ministry of Education, communication expertise in local languages for Mass media professions, creative writing, public relations, tourist guiding, and cultural expertise for culture-based organizations.

In pursuit of academic excellence