Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Botswana established in 2007. We offer a variety of educational, training and academic career options within the context of health care and research.

The Faculty is organized under three schools and our academic programmes are embedded in three main themes: undergraduate and graduate teaching, research and service to our professions, the University and the community. We are responsive to the community and we offer academic programmes that are relevant, compliant with national policies, marketable and address health challenges affecting Batswana, the region and the world.

In line with the University’s aspiration to become a research intensive university by 2021, research is high on the agenda of all schools. In an attempt to realize that goal, we have productive collaborations in research with internal and external institutions for building human resources capacity for health research in critical areas like HIV and AIDS, non-communicable diseases, adolescent health, environmental pollution and its health effects.

In pursuit of academic excellence