The Research and Community Outreach Programme is a new initiative by the Department in line with its commitment to strengthen close liaison and capacity building with the community by way of promoting scholarship and research. Through this programme, the Department will:

  • organise conferences, workshops, symposiums and brainstorming academic discussions and seminars
  • contribute to the improvement and understanding of management practice by the reengineering of its academic programmes
  • forge collaboration with the business community so as to respond to the complex and inter-related challenges faced by practising managers in the country
  • seek opportunities to collaborate on teaching/learning and research initiatives which demonstrate the potential of synergistic inquiry and knowledge development across fields
  • participate in citizen empowerment activities through organising short and medium term training programmes that foster human resources development and capacity building
  • participate in the overall endeavours to advance the frontiers of knowledge in our continent
  • engage in students assistance programmes, particularly in the following areas: job opportunities, research, exchange programmes, and professional counselling

In pursuit of academic excellence